Our Five Ring Circus: Making Memories with Chick-fil-A

Monday, November 2, 2015

Making Memories with Chick-fil-A

As a family of six, life is busy! REALLY busy.

Life is chaotic.  Life is noisy. Life is messy. I spend my days as a peace negotiator, a cook, a house cleaner, a chauffeur, a teacher, and an event coordinator. Our calendar is jam-packed. 

I log in so many hours driving kids around in my SUV that I feel like I should just move into it at times. I have to do a head count before leaving the house.  Many days, I count an extra head or two (Big family?  What's one or two more?!?). Juggling school, homework, and activities for my older three children and in-home therapy sessions for my toddler is a full time job.  And the laundry.  WHOA.  Let's not even go there.

That being said, I chose this life, and I wouldn't change a single thing. I embrace the crazy!  The truth is, all this chaos will be gone in the blink of an eye.  Before I know it, I will be left sitting in a clean, quiet home, and I will be desperately wishing it all back. Childhood is fleeting.

In the spirit of keeping it real, there definitely are those moments when we just need to get OUT of the house.  We need to eat a dinner that I don't have to cook AND clean up. We just need to do something out of the norm, have fun, and make memories!

Chick-fil-A is, without a doubt, the place to go if you have a family!

Chick-fil-A caters to families and gives them a safe, clean, welcoming place to eat.  They have a wide variety of menu options that are suitable for everyone and their food is so much healthier than other fast-food venues.  Above all, their service can't be beat!

As a mom of  four, I choose Chick-fil-A for my family for MANY reasons.  I choose Chick-fil-A for their welcoming environment.  I choose Chick-fil-A for the healthy, delicious food. I choose Chick-fil-A for their unbeatable service.  I choose Chick-fil-A because they make my entire family feel welcome and at home.

I also choose Chick-fil-A for the fun events they offer to families!  Making memories with my family is one of the most important things to me. Over the past 2 months, our family had many adventures with Chick-fil-A!

The fun began (for me!) with a Blogger Ambassador Kick Off.

Chick-fil-A Kick Off

We visited our local Chick-fil-A for numerous playdates and spontaneous dinners with friends! (We were unable to attend Mommy & Me Storytime at our local Chick-fil-A due to Lily's field trip, but we'll definitely be attending in the future!)

Liam at CFA

We made lots of memories at Chick-fil-A's Family Night at the Zoo!


As much as we loved all those events, my kids definitely had a favorite: Chick-fil-A's Family Dinner and a Mystery at the Robinson location!


Upon arrival, we were greeted by a police officer.  The kids were given flashing pins and a top-secret packet of information.  We were escorted to our table and the kids opened up their mystery packet.


Somebody stole the lemons, and it was up to them to figure out who did it!

After choosing their spy names and getting finger-printed for their security badges, they decided that they needed to fuel up on good food before they could do their work!  After that, they got to work solving the mystery.



With the help of another super awesome spy and the incredibly polite and helpful Chick-fil-A employees, they quickly solved the mystery!

Chick-fil-A Family Dinner & A Mystery
Chick-fil-A Robinson Family Dinner & A Mystery
Chick-fil-A Family Dinner and A Mystery

Just for the record...it was that super naughty cow!  We found him hiding in the kitchen!

We had a fun family night!  It was so nice to take a break from the chaos of everyday life, and spend time together.  Working together to solve a mystery was just what we needed.  Thank you, Chick-fil-A, for helping my family create fun memories!


YOU can attend fun events like these ones, too! Just use the restaurant locator, then visit your local Chick-fil-A restaurant online.  You'll find a calendar with all the events listed!  

My family will definitely be attending more activities like these.  We absolutely LOVE Chick-fil-A!
Thank you, Chick-fil-A and The Motherhood,  for this incredible opportunity! 

Is there a Chick-fil-A where you live?


DISCLOSURE: I was compensated for writing this post, but all opinions are my own. Thank you, Chick-fil-A and The Motherhood, for sponsoring this post.


  1. That looks fun! I like that they are really specific in their ingredients list. I have one child that can't eat a number of foods right now, and I know exactly which things are safe for him to eat there.

  2. That is so cool! Cole and I attended the Knight out dinner last year but our chick fil a has kinda dropped the ball this last year and we haven't seen any other activities. But we still go there all the time because it is the only fast food place Cole will eat! In fact we are headed there tonight for dinner before a ball game. Love that restaurant!!

    1. That sounds like a fun event! We're going to attempt Mommy and Me Storytime one of these days!

  3. We love CFA too! I love how they are so focused on the family and it's so easy to take our kiddos there.


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