Our Five Ring Circus: Celebrating Fatherhood

Monday, June 22, 2015

Celebrating Fatherhood

Grant was always the kind of guy who said he only wanted one kid or MAYBE two kids.  I was the one who came from a big family and wanted a big family of our own.  

We had Dylan and Lexie two years apart, and we figured we were set with a boy and a girl.  Four years passed after having Lexie, and we settled into our family of four lifestyle. However, our feelings changed, and we made the decision to try for a third child.  That third turned into a third AND a fourth!

Grant loves his kids SO much!  He believes family is everything, and he's working so hard to make great memories with them.

Grant and Dylan are best buddies.  They have similar interests, and Dylan is at the age where he thinks his dad is the coolest.  They talk about movies, music, and sports, and they spend hours in the backyard playing baseball.  I pray they always remain this close!


Grant does an amazing job at making Lexie feel special.  He goes out of his way to spend time with her, and they love to look through art books and talk about paintings.  Although he doesn't have as much in common with her as he does with Dylan, he makes sure he spends just as much time with her, and really works hard to build her confidence. In return, she really looks up to him and admires him! He always makes sure she knows just how much she's loved and just how important she is to us!


Out of all of our kids, Grant was able to spend the most time with Lily when she was a baby/toddler.  Because of this, they have a really strong bond.   Even though she's growing up, their bond remains as strong as ever!  She has him wrapped around her little finger!


When Liam was born and the doctor delivered the suspected diagnosis, I had a meltdown in the delivery room.  Even though Grant's world was turned upside down, he held my hand, smiled, and said, "We got this!  Everything is going to be okay!" He was right. Everyone told us that having a child with special needs changes you.  They told us we would be stronger, better people.  I can honestly say that's true for Grant.  He immediately took on the role of protector and cheerleader for Liam. He loves his son so fiercely! Liam is beyond lucky to have him for a dad. 


Grant settled seamlessly into being a dad of four.  He does everything for our family, and the kids absolutely adore him! He truly is an incredible dad!

Happy Father's Day, Grant.  You are one of the BEST.

I'm lucky enough to have an incredible dad, too!  My dad was always there for me.  He's the strongest person I know, even at 75 years old.  He took me on so many wonderful adventures, and because of him, I have an abundance of amazing memories.  Not only is he an incredible dad, but he's also an incredible Papa!  I'm so thankful my kids are getting the chance to love him as much as I do!


My dad's a wonderful dad, but I'm certain he's an even better Papa. 


Happy Father's Day, Dad!  We love you beyond measure!

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There is one man we are all missing very much.  It's so hard to believe that the last time we celebrated Father's Day with Grant's dad was 3 years ago.  He is missed so much, and I know this day is a difficult one for my husband.  I don't have the words to make it any easier.


Grant's dad passed away just before we found out we were expecting our fourth baby.  We always joke that he would have laughed hysterically when he found out and made a "better you than me" comment. It is really hard knowing that Dick never got the chance to meet Liam and knowing that Liam will never know Dick.  We often wonder what impact Liam would have had on him. 

Those are all the unknowns, but I do know one thing for certain:  Dick would be incredibly proud of his son. 



  1. Wow! Having four kids must be amazing. All these family photos are so wonderful. You all are so adorable!!! :)

  2. what a sweet post! i have been enjoying catching up on reading your blog :) i've been MIA for a while---i'm baaaack! :)

  3. Very sweet! Such a good man you have.

  4. Aww, such a beautiful post and sweet photos. Happy Father's Day!

  5. Sweet post! Happy Father's Day! Your kids are adorable!


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