Our Five Ring Circus: Liam at 6 Months

Monday, March 17, 2014

Liam at 6 Months

Once again, I am posting Liam's 6 month update just hours before he turns 7 months!  My only excuse?  4 kids keep me busy!!!


Dear Liam,

  Half a year has gone by since you were born.  I can't even remember life without you in it.  You have impacted all of us in an incredible way.  You truly do complete us.  I can honestly say that I am a better person in so many ways because of you.
 You taught me to live in the moment and enjoy life as it is before it slips away. I no longer wish time away. Time is a bittersweet thing.  I love watching you grow, but I am sad that it is passing by so quickly.  I am happy I get to enjoy all these amazing moments with you.
  I am so proud of you, little man.  Your determination and incredible spirit bring me to tears.  You defy all odds.
   We have come so far since those painful hours after your birth.  That is a distant memory, and all I can think about is the moment I fell in love with you in the hospital.  You are every bit as perfect as your big brother and sisters and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.  THEY won't let anyone tell them otherwise. 
  Liam, you are one of the most beautiful people I know.  I am blessed to have you in my life and I am proud to call you my son.  Every time I gaze into your eyes or see you smile with all your might, I fall in love with you all over again.  I will love you until the end of time.
  You are simply amazing.

Love, Mommy


MILESTONES:  Sitting in a supported position.  You love to push into a standing position, and would prefer to do that all the time, but your doctor told us to limit the time on your feet.  He wants you to focus on sitting and crawling first!

TOOTH COUNT: None, but the tooth buds are there!  Dylan, Lexie, and Lily had teeth at 4 months, so we're surprised you don't have any yet.  We were assured that it's normal and that you may be a late teether!


COMFORTS: Nursing, cuddling, and chewing on fingers.


FIRSTS:  Between 5-6 months, you celebrated your first Valentine's Day. You also started solids on the day you turned 5 months old!

EATING:  You are breastfed and you eat one meal a day.  You love your cereal! You no longer take a bottle.

SLEEPING:  After a few weeks of waking up frequently through the night, you are back to normal!


SOUNDS/WORDS: You coo and have the sweetest, quietest giggle!

LIKES:  Eating, snuggling, being swaddled in a warm blanket, taking a bath, playing with toys, and interacting with loved ones.


DISLIKES:  Being hungry or cold, getting your nose wiped, and being strapped into your car seat.


FAVORITE TOYS:  OBalls, OBall Car, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, Taggies blanket, and Soothe & Glow Seahorse.

NICKNAMES:  Miam (thanks to your sister, Lily), Little Dude, and Buddy.


HEALTH:  You ended up with an ear infection the day you finished your antibiotic from pneumonia.  Your illness-free streak ended with pneumonia in January.  On the other hand, you don't have any health conditions other than minor reflux and larygomalacia, which is improving. We had a long day at Children's Hospital on February 12th.  You saw the cardiologist, the feeding team,, and your doctor at the Down Syndrome Center.  I realize just how lucky we are!

EARLY INTERVENTION:  You have an amazing OT that comes to our home once a week.  We just added weekly PT and monthly Nutrition. 

STATS:  10 lbs 9 oz and 26 inches.

WEARING: Newborn Diapers, Newborn onesies, a few newborn outfits, 0-3 month clothing, and size 0 shoes.

PERSONALITY: You are perfectly beautiful and an absolute joy.  Your happiness and gentle spirit shine through in all you do.  When you smile, you put your all into it! Your happiness is contagious!



  1. Happy 6 months (late), little guy!!

    I just LOVE that first picture of him!!

  2. 6 months already, wow. His smile is the best, it makes me smile. He is just the cutest!

  3. I just love a baby boy in jeans! :) And yes you can totally post his 6 month post whenever because you have 4 kids!

  4. Bless his lil heart! Love these updates!

  5. Time is flying by! We love you Liam xoxox

  6. I love how smiley he has gotten!! Happy 1/2 birthday to Liam!

    Andrew didn't get his first tooth until 7 months! Without looking, I can't remember with Lily, but I'm pretty sure it was late too. :) Poor 2nd kid.

  7. He is such a doll! I love the first picture of him in the chair, what a ham! He really does have some amazing siblings. He'll forever be well taken care of!

  8. Happy 6 months Mr. Liam!!! The first picture you posted of him is my new favorite! SUPER CUTE!! Love him! Cheers to 6 more fabulous months until the BIG ONE!

  9. He is such a little sweetheart. I love his sweet little smile!


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