Our Five Ring Circus: Friday 5

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday 5

Emmy Mom

This is my first time linking up with Emmymom for Friday 5!

5 Thoughts:

1.  I have a feeling respiratory infections are going to be Liam's issue.  He ended up getting sick again.  He fell asleep during OT on Wednesday, which cut our session short.  When he woke up, he had a fever.  By that evening, it was up to 104 and his breathing was labored.  We went to the pediatrician yesterday and they immediately gave him a breathing treatment and sent us home with a nebulizer.  When he gets sick, he gets really sick really fast! Thank you, Liam, for introducing me to the world of breathing treatments.  The first of many to come, I'm sure. 

2.  It's hard getting used to having strangers in your house 2-3 times a week.  In this entire journey, that is the most difficult part for me.  Liam's OT has been with us since he was 2 months old, and I am thrilled to have her on our side.  Over the past 2 weeks, nutrition and PT was added to his services, so we are keeping busy. On a positive note?  My house is SO clean. I still have a thing about needing to have an immaculate house when people come over!

3.  I think it's time to start taking Lily to story time at the library again. We used to go to the library every week until Liam was born!  My kids love going to the library, and I'm sure Lily misses it!

4.  I'm still doing T25 and eating well.  I'm not going to lie...sweets are still part of my diet, but I try to eat clean foods for my meals. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can start my 2 1/2 mile walks again! (Spring is near!!!)

5.  Liam's thyroid test came back completely normal!  This kid continues to kick all the conditions associated with Down Syndrome to the curb.  I am so thankful for his good health (other than the sinus infection, of course!).   

5 Pictures: 

My lap is always full. So is my heart!

Liam fell asleep halfway through his first breathing treatment at home.

Stop the "R" word.

This 2 year old is growing up TOO fast!

Liam loves breakfast!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Awe sweet little Liam, sorry he was sick. So amazing though how many tests that he has great results, that is so wonderful. That would be strange having people always coming to your house like that, but so nice they do come and you don't have to drag him places for appointments all the time. Thank you so much for linking up

  2. Your children are all so precious. I'm so glad to find your blog.....I co-hosted with Emmy last week....nice to meet you!

    PS - my oldest has thyroid issues. I can relate!


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