Our Five Ring Circus: Today...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


...I woke up feeling a lot better!  I had an ear infection, and it got so bad that I ended up with a fever and body aches for a few hours.  This morning, I woke up in a lot less pain!

...I got to hang out with this little dude for almost 2 hours before anybody else woke up:


...I was greeted by a very happy toddler who slept until after 10 AM.

...I got to try an awesome new deodorant for free thanks to Dove and Influenster!  I'm a huge fan of Dove products, and this one did not disappoint.


...I got to go to a weight check appointment with just Liam.  Liam slept, the waiting room was empty and quiet, and I thoroughly enjoyed the brief break.


...I cheered when I saw the weight on the scale. The nurse cheered, too.  10 lbs 4 oz.  My little man finally reached 10 lbs.  Still very tiny, but he's getting there! Our personal goal was 10 lbs by 6 months, and he reached it 2 weeks before that date!  We were thrilled, but he was unimpressed.


...I got to go to Target with just one kid!  Sure it was for diapers, paper towels, and a file folder, but I also found a new pair of tall boots.  On clearance for $11.98. SCORE!

...I laughed as I paid for yet another package of newborn diapers.  I have an attic step full of size 1 diapers, but Liam's bum is too tiny for them.  Tried three different brands, none of them formed a seal, and he leaked.  End of story, back to newborns!

...I returned home for an hour.  Attempted to eat for the first time all day, only to have Lily ask for my food.  Handed it over and made more food.  She always wants what we have!

...I loaded everybody into the car, and picked up Dylan and Lexie from school early.

...I went over spelling words as we drove to a meeting.

...I met another class mom at her office and we planned Lexie's class Valentine's Day Party in 12 minutes.  Boom.

...I went to McDonald's with Grant and the kids.  We had to pass time because we were an hour early for Dylan's appointment.   Lily spilled a milkshake, but that was it for the chaos.

...Dylan, Liam, and I sat in the dermatology waiting room for 45 minutes because they were so behind schedule.

...We finally made it back to an exam room, only to see the doctor for 60 seconds, and find out that we had to schedule an outpatient surgery to remove Dylan's mole on an upcoming Wednesday.  At least I got to spend time with my boys while Grant and the girls waited in the car.


...We made one last stop at the pharmacy before returning home.

...I gave Liam his first ever bath alone in the big tub.  He was a fan.  A huge fan. And this picture will forever make me smile.


...I cheered when we received the call from Dylan and Lexie's school announcing the two hour delay, even though it wasn't even snowing yet.

...I got big hugs and kisses from all my kids.  They are the sweetest, most cuddly kids!

...I cuddled on the couch with Grant and watched about 6 episodes of Frasier. It's our old people thing to do.

...I went outside to check out the snow and came back inside covered in snowflakes.  In 45 minutes it went from nothing on the ground to 2 inches!  It is crazy out there. Coming down hard and fast!


...I'm thinking Dylan and Lexie might have a snow day tomorrow!!!


  1. Liam in the bath is the cutest picture!!! PS - going anywhere with one kid is always a treat! :)

  2. That picture of Liam in the bath made me grin ear to ear when I saw it on IG last night. He really is the happiest little guy ever.

  3. Cute pics! I can't believe Liam is getting so big, I love his personality coming out! I hope you feel better and stay warm!

  4. Just when I think I have seen the cutest photo ever on your blog, you post another winner! I love those Liam smiles!

  5. Love this update style post and the photos of the kids are the best - LOVE Liam in the tub and Dylan holding Liam. Precious!

  6. I'm jealous of all the snow! We got an 1/8 of an inch this morning. Lily was SO excited! She prays for snow every night. Glad Liam is gaining weight! Loved the bath pic!

  7. Love the bath picture and so excited for his weight gain! :o)


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