Our Five Ring Circus: Currently

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'm watching...Frasier on Netflix.  Grant and I have watched every episode from the beginning, just like we did with Cheers, and we're now on Season 8.  We are also making our way through the Best Picture Nominees for the Oscars.  We watched 5 already and we have 4 to go.  I loved Her and Gravity.  Dallas Buyer's Club was really good, too.  It was rough to watch, but the acting was incredible! Honestly, I was not a fan of American Hustle.  Wolf of Wall Street was good, but could have been  shorter.  We are also watching The Walking Dead (my weekly dose of anxiety) and Parenthood.
I'm reading...Inferno by Dan Brown.  STILL.  The last time I wrote a post like this, it was July 22nd, and I had just started reading this book! I finally got into it!
I'm listening to...whatever my kids want to listen to in the car!

I'm thinking about...how when I last wrote a Currently post, I was still pregnant with Liam.  My life has changed so much since then!

I need to...fill out some forms for Liam's eye doctor appointment tomorrow, call to schedule an audiology appointment, print out pictures for Lexie's thank you cards and Dylan's class project, and fill in my March calendar (How is it almost March?).

I'm creating...simple breakfasts for an upcoming project.  Stay tuned!
I'm cooking...delicious crockpot macaroni and cheese, fish, and stewed tomatoes tomorrow and Stuffed Peppers on Thursday.
I'm shopping for...groceries?  Honestly, nothing right now!
I'm organizing...paperwork and bills.  I bought new file folders to help with that project!
I'm proud of...Dylan for caring so much about his sister that he worries when she isn't on the bus at the end of the day, Lexie for the incredible amount of love she has for Liam, Lily for being so determined to learn how to do everything herself, and Liam for trying so hard to do everything all the time.  My kids are determined and unbelievably sweet!
I'm looking forward to...sleeping in on Saturday.  Seriously.  This week is kicking my butt!
I'm loving...my family.  My amazing group of friends. My new Shark Steam Mop.  I believe I told my friends that it is life changing and I wanted to mop again and lick my floors. Hot Tea. I've been on a huge tea kick again, and my current faves are Orange Pekoe and Oolong. 

I'm very grateful for...all the people in my life.  I am so blessed.
Our plans for this week...This week was/is insane!  We celebrated Lexie's birthday with two parties on Saturday. A dear friend took her to Build a Bear and lunch on Sunday, then we had dinner with Grant's family. I met my friend for a lunch playdate yesterday. Liam had PT today, then I read to Lexie's class and took a snack in for her birthday celebration, then we went out for Lexie's birthday dinner.  Liam has an eye appointment tomorrow.  Liam has an EKG and a blood draw on Thursday, followed by a playdate with friends.  Liam has OT on Friday, then I'm going shopping with my mom, then having dinner with my parents (the norm!). The three older kids may have a sleepover that night at their house.  Dylan is having a sleepover on Saturday night at a friend's house, while I'm having a Pinterest dinner with my mom and sisters. Phew! 


  1. This is so cute! Might have to steal it one day when I'm low on blogging ideas!

  2. These are always fun posts. I hope you get to sleep in really long on Saturday. I used to sleep in on Saturday's but now Eric is working so many hours that I just let him sleep in.. though after I get up and help Ryder go to the bathroom I often can go back to bed for a bit.

  3. I didn't care for Inferno.. felt like I was reading the same book that he has written before..total bore. I read Wolf of Wall Street and want to see the movie because I hated the writing of the book and am surprised that it was turned into an Oscar worthy picture!


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