Our Five Ring Circus: Happy 7th Birthday, Lexie!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Lexie!


Happy 7th Birthday, my beautiful Lexie Bean!  I swear I just heard the words "It's a GIRL!!!" in the delivery room.  I was so happy it felt as if my heart was going to burst.  7 years have flown by since that incredible moment, and every single day I thank God for putting you in my life.

This year was a big one for you.  You became a big sister again, and you stepped up as Liam's fierce protector.  You love your baby brother so much and constantly tell him that you will always be there to take care of him.  He is so lucky to have you on his side.   You are an incredible big sister.

You also started first grade, which means you are in school all day long.  It was a difficult transition, but you are excelling in all subjects. You are always polite and well behaved, and you try your hardest at all you do. Your teachers rave about you.  We are so proud of you!


You are turning into a beautiful young lady.  You are so sweet, loving, and thoughtful.  You spoil us all with your beautiful pictures and notes. You are funny and love to make people laugh. You love your family and friends so much, and it shows in all you do.

You are very sassy and opinionated.  That can be frustrating at times, but I have a feeling it will be a good thing when you are a grown up.  You aren't afraid to stand up for yourself and let your feelings be known. You aren't afraid to be yourself.  Don't ever lose that part of you.

Lexie, every day with you is a gift.  Your beautiful smile can light up a room. Your hugs, kisses, and kind words make my day. You are simply beautiful.  We are so lucky to know you and love you.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.  I love you forever.



  1. Happy birthday gorgeous Lexie!! :)

  2. She is such a beauty!! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to her! Your kids are getting so big!

  4. Awwwwww! She's a doll! Happy Birthday Lexie. My little girl is 8. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Alexandria! Love that last picture! I think our Alexandria's would get along quite well


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