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Friday, October 14, 2011


{1} The winners of my Farm Rich giveaway were Kelli from RTSM and Kmama!

{2} My baby girl has her first cold. She is severely congested, but doesn't have any other symptoms. Even though she can't breathe through her nose at all, she's still smiling! I actually took her to the pediatrician yesterday, just so they could check her and make sure it wasn't in her chest/lungs. My gut instinct told me it was just a cold, but Dylan and Lexie were never sick this young, and poor Lily sounds like Darth Vader. It was inevitable with two school-aged kids in the house!

It was just a cold, but the pediatrician said she's not getting any air through her nose. On top of that, Lily has had a "stuffy" nose since she was born, which they said is due to mild reflux. We were doing everything we were supposed to: elevating one end of the crib mattress, letting her sleep propped up, running a cool mist humidifier, using saline drops, and suctioning out her nose...but it just wasn't helping. Unfortunately, because she's so young, we just have to wait it out.

{3} We should be getting our new garage door next week! Finally! I have missed our garage so much, and of course, it has been raining more frequently!

{4} My husband has been glued to the TV watching baseball playoffs. He has always loved the Tigers and is thrilled to see them doing well. Goooooo Tigers!

{5} Does anyone else feel like they're constantly sending money to school with their kids for fundraisers, donations, book orders, etc? Sheesh! This week alone I paid for a yearbook, school pictures, and sent in a donation for breast cancer research. It's always something!

{6} Dylan is going to visit my brother in Erie this weekend. He is so excited to drive up with Papa, and see his cousins! I'm going to miss him though!

{7} We have a super-busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow we have a birthday party at 11, a tea party at 1, and a birthday party at 4. Phew!

{8} Fall is finally here! The temps are now in the 60's. I wish the beautiful foliage would last longer, but sadly, the leaves are already falling. I'm super excited for the holiday season, though!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How cool!!! You have a brother in Erie? I live in Pgh and that is only about 2 hours from me - LOVE it there!!!! Hope your daughter feeels better soon!

  2. Aww, hope Lily if feeling better soon. And yes, always money for the school (or supplies which is the same thing)!

  3. For Lily, buy the PediaCare Vapor plugs with vapor pads. You just plug them into the wall near where she sleeps and it will fill the air with vapor to help her breathe. It's a God-send, really.

  4. Oh no, I hope the cold leaves soon. Baby colds are the worst - you feel so bad for them and there's basically nothing to be done :-(

  5. yay for your new garage door.

    boo for baby colds :-( Hope Lily will feel better soon

  6. I hear ya for the sickness! Poor baby! and she is to young to take anything. :( Im so excited about the holidays too!! :) it makes the rest of the crazy year seem worth it! :)

  7. Awww, poor baby. Hope Lily is feeling better soon.

  8. Oh man, hope Lily's cold goes away fast! Have a super fab weekend! =)

  9. ugh, hate the colds! hope she's better soon :)

  10. Oh, I'm sorry that Lily is sick! We had the luxury of keeping John in a germ free bubble when he was little, but poor little Jackson is already sniffly... it is only a matter of time before he gets a real cold too. I hope that Lily feels better soon!!!

  11. Yay for Fall! It's not very Fall like here in Miami though it did rain all day today - which made me hopeful it would cool off. No such luck!

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for always visiting my blog. It's so nice to have blog buddies!

    Hoping that your little one is feeling better soon.


  12. Aww poor Lily! My little tot got her first cold when she was I think more than 6months already and it wasnt that easy. Even up to this date, having a stuffy nose is no fun at all for kids! Hope Lily gets well soon! GLad you'll soon have your garage fixed! and i so feel you on the additional fees fopr school!

    hope you are having a great week sis!


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