Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits-remembering all the cute and funny things my kids say and do! I have to savor these moments and remember them, because kids grow up entirely too fast!

When Lexie wants to pick out something from her Trick or Treat bag, she'll say, "Want my candies!" The funny thing is, she doesn't like candy. The chips and pretzels are her candies.

My kids do not eat a lot of candy. Honestly, they don't like it much. Lexie turns down all candy, including chocolate. (What?!?!? This can't be my child. I heart chocolate!) Dylan will eat a few pieces here and there, but that's mainly gum. He just prefers to eat fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, and nuts. Their candy bags from Halloween remain nearly full. Well, except for the pieces I have pilfered. *I* happen to like candy. Very much. (My kids are strange.)

Dylan learned this trick from his daddy. Put your baseball cap over your eyes when you're trying to fall asleep. Every so often, I find him in bed like this:

Dylan does not say ginormous properly. I have corrected him, and I have heard him say it right, but he prefers to say gidormic. Because of him, Lexie now says girdormic. As in, "Look at that gidormic truck!"

I don't think I've ever mentioned Lexie's nickname for Dylan. She calls him DohDoh. (Snort!) When she was first learning how to talk, she couldn't say Dylan, so she called him Doh. She mostly calls him Dylan, but likes to slip in DohDoh at times. And he hates it!

Lexie got a slinky this weekend, in a party favor bag. She must have overheard a kid at the party say slinky, and misinterpreted it. She calls it her oinky.

While I was yelling at our cats this weekend for misbehaving, Lexie had to yell at them too. She said, "Thems stupid cats, thems bad!" (Yes, thems are! Anybody want a cat?)

BunBun and Strawberry Shortcake are never far from Lexie's reach. Even when she's sleeping.

I asked Dylan to go through the Target toy book and show me what he wanted for his birthday. Big mistake. He wanted everything. He didn't even know what half of the stuff was or did, and wouldn't even play with most of it! I finally asked him what he wanted and he said, "A Pterodactyl, some knights, and the castle with the dragon on it." Hmmmm......


  1. Love reading these!!! Is Dylan (or should we can him Doh-Doh?) planning to recreate Shrek?

  2. great tidbits...I love the pic of Doh-Doh sleepin with his hat on--looks so grown up! :)

  3. I know exactly what castle he's talking about too! I saw it at a birthday party and then in the target ad and I couldn't believe that Salem has NO toy like that. I mean, not that he needs every toy, but, those kindsa toys are like, staples for little boys right? So I'm hoping to get him something like that for Xmas.

  4. Love this! It will be so sweet to look back on even a few months from now. They grow up so fast! Have a great week.

  5. Love reading all these. Love the hat over the eyes trick and the nick name Doh-Doh!! How cute :)

  6. I had to laugh. When our dog was a little more of a puppy, I always used to yell at him and call him 'bad daog.' Abby now still calls him that, whenever she thinks he does something wrong and the other day she said, 'stupid bad dog.' Whoops!
    Love sleeping pictures, so peaceful!

  7. "Thems bad cats"... I have a bunch too! Want mine? But no trades - you keep yours AND take mine. Sounds purrrr-fect to me. =0)

    Love that little sleeping picture of Lexie. Her eyes are squinty like she's in deep thought!

  8. Awww how sweet, love these! And no thanks, we have plenty of thems cats too! We are down to 5 now, all males, so at least there shouldn't be any more kittens...lol. =D

  9. Aww, such great little tidbits. Kids really do grow up so fast. I miss the days behind me. :)


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