Our Five Ring Circus: Completely Unprepared

Monday, November 9, 2009

Completely Unprepared

I never expected the riding bug to hit my child at such a young age. It has, and I'm not even remotely prepared!

Lexie has been begging to go riding again since her first ride last Monday. We had a busy weekend, but we were able to go to the stable this morning while Dylan was at school.

Lexie had a blast, and begged me to walk her around the loop in the driveway over and over and over again.

Technically, she's not old enough for lessons yet, and our horse is entirely too big for her. I know many people who taught their kids to ride at Lexie's age, but I personally have no experience with teaching a child this young to ride!

Today, we worked on keeping her feet in the stirrups. We have to permanently shorten them now...the stirrups kept slipping and her little feet would come out!

She needs a helmet that actually fits (the child helmet I have is too big!) and some boots. We have to punch some holes in the stirrup leathers so they are the proper length. After that, she'll be ready to ride, and I plan to teach her the basics! It's up to her to decide how far she wants to go.

*Just a side note...do I really want to encourage this $$$$$$ hobby?!?!?

Yeah, I think I do. Look at that smile!


  1. Awww she looks like a natural! That's so awesome she's able to do this!

  2. Aww! She looks like she's been waiting to ride her whole life!

  3. cute coat on her. yeah i think its expensive too but its fun.

  4. She looks like a natural. I didn't know you had a horse, I used to ride for fun, back when I lived with my parents.

  5. She is adorable and I love your horse! She is lucky and maybe this will become her passion and hobby as well!

  6. how could you not after seeing that little face!?
    so cutie!

  7. She's such a doll. I would see that and think how could I not encourage her?

  8. I don't know much about horses, but I do know this. IF she rides a horse, that is one less I have to ride. Encourage it!

  9. Wow, way to go Lexie!!!! Pretty amazing that she has no fear at that age. Most kids would be SCREAMING and throwing a TANTRUM as their moms tried to get them to sit there just long enough for a picture. =0)

    (Been there done that!)


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