Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's time for me to confess the things I did not do over the past 2 weeks. Gotta love free therapy, courtesy of MckMama. Stop by her blog, and say a prayer for her son, Stellan. He is getting an ablation at this very moment.

While we were at the park, I did not catch my son doing this:

He has never done that, so why start at almost 5 years old? Nasty!

I did not make my Great Dane, Bailey, stay in the room with me, after Grant went to bed, after watching Paranormal Activity. I'm not that much of a wimp!

I have not turned into a complete crossword puzzle dork. I do not want to do them all the time, nor do I keep them in my purse in case I get bored.

I was not the least bit upset when Lexie lost a hair bow at the store. It was not from my favorite pair of bows...which I guess is no longer a pair.

Dylan's party is on the 21st. I did not just invite people to his party a few days ago.

Lexie did not hand a booger to me. Since I didn't have a kleenex anywhere nearby, I did not just wipe it on the sole of my shoe, and put it out of my mind.


  1. Praying for Stellan over here too!! By the way, with the crossword puzzles, you're turning into a little old lady! :)

  2. hahahaaaa.....about the booger!!!
    that is sooo funny!


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