Our Five Ring Circus: A Walk To Remember

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Walk To Remember

One of my favorite things to do with my family is to go on walks or hikes. I just love the time we spend together while getting some exercise outdoors. We usually head over to McConnells Mill State Park to hike or go to a nearby walking trail that winds along a creek and ends at a historical cemetery.

After a hot, uneventful, Sunday afternoon, which was spent mostly outdoors, we decided to wind down with a walk at the nearby trail. We just let the kids do their own thing, and took a relaxing stroll.

I was struck by the differences between having a boy and a girl. Dylan spent most of the walk touching bugs, and carrying caterpillars around on his hand. Lexie spent her time picking as many flowers as she possibly could. I followed them, trying to capture some sweet pictures in the fading sunlight.

Can my girl possibly get any sweeter?!? She melts my heart.

After our walk, we headed to Dairy Queen for a yummy treat. ;)

When I look back on our family walks, I will always remember the smiles on Dylan and Lexie's faces and the wonder in their eyes as they explore. Those are moments that make life worth living.


  1. So beautiful. And I love seeing how boys and girls are hardwired to be just that lol.

  2. My boy is way into creepy crawlies right now too. It is awesome to just sit back and watch them discover the world!

  3. How wonderful! They are just the most adorable little things! I love taking walks and hiking too, can't wait until Jimmy is big enough to do more of his own walking, but he loves to be outside!

  4. Aww, what sweet pictures! They look like they are from olden days, except for the current clothing and stuff...
    I love Lexie's cute dress and hair!

  5. So glad you carry your camera along for your walks! *So do I!

    Isn't it just amazing how boys and girls can be so totally and completely different?! But oh so true. After three boys, it was all I knew. Then came Riley and I was shocked that you don't have to show them how to love shoes and baby dolls --- they just DO!

  6. they are so adorable. i have been up there in my teens but never taken the kids. maybe one day. i love walks with the kids too. i totally cherish all my walks with them.

  7. OK, so I admit that I'm a bit behind on my blog reading {ahem}. Just wanted to say that these are the cutest pictures! What a great walk.

  8. found your blog through Tami's. Your children are lovely. I remember collecting all those catapillers too!!

  9. Great post. I love love love the 1st pic!


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