Our Five Ring Circus: Good news for Dylan!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good news for Dylan!

Dylan had his appointment with the pediatric dermatologist today. His suspicious-looking mole is okay for now. He will have to get it removed sometime in the next few years. The doctor would like to wait 2-4 years, because it's a difficult location to remove from-the area is prone to infection and it will be a painful healing process. For now, we just monitor it. If it grows or changes again, or starts irritating Dylan, he will have to get it removed. If everything stays normal, he will just go in once a year for an exam, until the time comes that he's old enough to handle it. I'm so glad he can wait to have it removed!

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  1. That is good to know :) YAY for Dyl!!

  2. As a mommy --- {{{whew}}} --- big sigh of relief!!!

    I took my 12 year old (Cameron) to the dentist today and found out he has to get braces. He's devestated, but I told him it'll be fine. Being a mommy is HARD!!!


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