Our Five Ring Circus: Sweat test, take one

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweat test, take one

It has been a super long day, but I figured I'd type up a post before I drag my tired rear to bed. I've been so distracted lately with all that's going on, but I promise to be back to my old bloggy self as soon as all of these tests are over!

We took Lexie in for her sweat test today, to test for CF. Everything leading up to the actual test was a nightmarish ordeal. We drove into the city during rush hour, so we were already a bit late when we walked into the hospital. Dylan enjoyed going into the city, and said, "I like this place! It's awesome!" After waiting in line at the information desk, like we were told to do, we were redirected to another floor. Where we waited in line again. The hospital had just moved to this new location on May 2nd so there were a few glitches. As in, we were given a faulty pager. After waiting for a half hour, and seeing tons of people who came in after us, go before us, we found out that our pager wasn't working. So we were given another. Which also didn't work. Finally, Grant approached a manager, who promptly took us to where we needed to go. By this time, an hour had passed!

Lexie did so well during the sweat test. They place two electrodes on each arm that conduct heat. We were told that it feels like a slight burning, scratching sensation. I can't believe that she freaks out when a doctor approaches her for an exam, but sits still for an uncomfortable test. After 6 minutes of that, the electrodes were removed, suction cups were put on her arms to collect the sweat, and then saran wrap was placed around those. We waited in the waiting room for a half hour, only to find out that she didn't sweat at all. So the test was inconclusive. Meaning, we have to get it redone.

One thing that did occur, was an allergic reaction to something that was used during the test. Poor Lexie had welts all over her arms.

When I spoke with someone at her doctor's office, I was told that we needed to get this test redone as soon as possible. I am already obviously worried that they have to test for CF to begin with, but when they said how urgent this was, I became even more worried. I demanded a call from the doctor, who did in fact call, and ease my fears a bit. This is just something that needs to be done, so we can rule it out. She has no other symptoms for CF other than the malabsorption, but something in her stool test was enough to cause concern. I highly doubt she has CF, but I'm not going to be okay until we get this test done and over with!

After such a stressful, emotional day, it was nice to unwind with my best friend, Jocie, at the spa. She treated me to a pedicure for my birthday. It was so nice to be pampered, and get to spend time with Jocie, without our kids. I was able to concentrate on having fun, instead of worrying, for a bit. If you're reading this, thank you so much, Jocie! My toes look great (for once) and when Lexie saw the bright polish, she said, "Mama, you put toes ons!" Yes, I sure did!

A certain adorable hubby let Lexie nap until 7 pm (EEEK!) which meant that she did not go back to bed until 11. That's okay, though. I snuck in a snuggle with Dylan while he was falling asleep. Ahem...make that a fall asleep with Dylan as he was falling asleep. ;)

And in other news, the Pens won and Adam Lambert is in the American Idol finale! Can I get a woot-woot?

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  1. I hope the test gets taken care of and all is well. That is great that you got a pedicure and I love Lexie's reaction, soo cute!

  2. What a rough day! Here's hoping the next test is successful on all accounts.


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