Our Five Ring Circus: It's BACK...Not Me! Monday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's BACK...Not Me! Monday!

MckMama is back! Head on over to her blog to read her Not Me! Monday post, and to read many others like it! MckMama's blog carnival makes Mondays so much better!

It's not me who finally had an eye doctor appointment this week, after going without one for over 3 years...or 4....or 5. I have not been bumming contacts from my mom for 2 years. I am not walking around with the world in a blur because my new prescription needs adjusted.

It's not me who had her first drink in over 6 months. Said drink did not make me feel completely woozy.

This weekend, I did not buy a pair of those gigantic sunglasses that are so in style. Even if I had, I really wouldn't actually like them.

I am not going crazy from not being able to run due to my crushed toes from a horse stepping on them. Part of my middle toe is not completely numb. I am not contemplating going for a little run on treadmill today, due to that fact....if I can work through the pain from the bruises on the non-chipped/fractured toes.

It's not me who will probably regret that run tonight.

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  1. Ouch! Your toes hurt ME just reading about them.

    I have "kinda big" BRIGHT PINK sunglasses that I just LOVE. I don't care if I look like a dork when I wear them I LIKE 'EM!

    You go girl! Happy Monday!

  2. Oh Ouch! Poor toes! Take it easy. Enjoy those new sunglasses and hope you have a happy Monday!

  3. We had a horse incident this week, too. My youngest son got thrown. He was sore for days.

  4. I totally did NOT have that same problem when I had a "special" drink for the first time after I had Jimmy...that was a funny time let me tell ya! ;-) Hope your toes feel better soon!

  5. Cute post! I definitely can NOT relate to the drink part-- one glass of wine definitely does NOT make me woozy haha :)

  6. Okay so it's not just me who neglects her eyes for years on end! I have the worst time only wearing contacts for the prescribed amount of time. If they're dailies I wear them for weeks, if they're monthly's they stay in for a minimum of 5 months. I will try to get it together too...now off to book my own eye appointment!

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