Our Five Ring Circus: Diagnosis....

Monday, May 11, 2009


After almost 6 months of constant diarrhea, we finally have a diagnosis for Lexie: Malabsorption. Basically, certain nutrients aren't being absorbed by her body, which is causing the diarrhea, the anemia, and most likely other nutritional deficiencies.

I am relieved that we finally know what's wrong, but also terrified for another reason. One of the nutrients that isn't being absorbed is Potassium. The malabsorption/potassium link concerned Lexie's doctor enough to order a sweat test, which is to test for Cystic Fibrosis. I know she is just ruling it out to be safe, but the thought that they have to rule it out, scares me. I am trying to remain positive, because Lexie has no other CF symptoms, but there's always a "what if?" running through my head.

On top of that, Dylan has to go to his pediatric dermatologist next Monday. He will most likely need to have a very suspicious-looking mole removed and biopsied.

It is a mother's greatest fear that their child will get sick. Instead of just one child to worry about, I have two. All I can do is take this one step at a time.

I am praying that CF will be ruled out, and that we can move ahead with a treatment plan for Lexie's problem. It will most likely involve speaking to a dietician about a special diet for her, and a daily pancreatic enzyme supplement. Malabsorption is a manageable condition, and I'm glad we caught it early. (Please bear with me if I messed up any facts-I'm still trying to absorb all this information!) I am also praying that Dylan's mole is just a cosmetic problem, and nothing more.

I can't wait until this is all over.

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  1. I am glad you are getting some answers. I will pray that it is not CF and that Dylans mole is just cosmetic. Much love to you.

  2. Oh my, I pray for your family as well. Like you said, you are sure it is not anything serious, but as a mother, well, we worry.
    And for Dylan, the same thing~ that it is benign and nothing to be concerned over. Thanks for the update.

  3. I am praying! And I am also thankful that you finally have a diagnosis for Lexie! This is step one and soon, she'll be feeling fine again. I pray that it isn't CF and that Dylan's mole is nothing to be concerned with. Jason has had moles removed as a child and Zack has some that are popping up now so I understand the worries... I worry about both of them and their moles all the time. You're such a great mom to be on top of this and running these tests and figuring out what's up instead of just playing the wait and see game. Please keep us updated!

  4. Hi Stef....Well thats just poopy! (no pun intended) :) Hope lil Lexie gets better! Tell the kiddos I said HI!!
    I guess Grant too :) And im sure Dylans moles are nothing to worry over!!

  5. At least you know now. It is so hard to have uncertainty surrounding your kiddo's health. I will pray it is nothing more serious for either one of them.

  6. I will be thinking of you all! Your children are lucky to have such a persistent and caring mother.

  7. Oh my.

    I hope everything is sorted out soon and you have only positive reports! The waiting is so hard :( I'll say a prayer for you and your sweet babies!

  8. Praying for you and your sweet babies.

  9. Glad you were able to FINALLY get a diagnosis. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Yay for a pedicure!


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