Our Five Ring Circus: A Steelers Superbowl tradition

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Steelers Superbowl tradition

In 2006, shortly after Dylan turned 1, the Steelers won their 5th Superbowl. Dylan comes from a long line of Steelers-obsessed family members, so this was a BIG deal.

This year, also at the age of 1, Lexie got to witness the Steelers winning their 6th Superbowl, therefore, becoming the team that has won the most Superbowls in NFL history. We dressed Lexie in the same onesie that her brother wore for the 2006 Superbowl, just for luck!

Dylan, with his great grandma, who happens to be the biggest Steelers fan ever.

Lexie, searching the toy bin for a football...no, the jingle bell won't work!

Dylan's reaction to the chaos in the room when the Cardinals pulled ahead.

The kids leading the "Here we go, Steelers, here we go!" chant.

Lexie couldn't handle the deafening noise in the room.

The family (inlaws) after the Superbowl win!
The kids watching history in the making.

It was an exciting game and we are so proud of our hometeam!

The kids can sleep easy, knowing that their team is the best team in the world. ;)

And if tradition continues, the Steelers will win another Superbowl when baby #3 is 1!

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  1. this is a really cute post about the steelers. i love all those pics and especially sleeping with the terrible towels.

    i am going to add u to my list.


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