Our Five Ring Circus: Dylan's very first stomach virus

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dylan's very first stomach virus

Isn't it ironic that I was telling somebody that Dylan and Lexie had never had a stomach virus, and minutes later, Dylan woke up puking?

I was lucky that it took 4 1/4 years of motherhood before I had to experience it. I think I got off very easy, though.

Dylan threw up from 12:30 AM until 4:30 AM. That was it.

He was a trooper. After the initial puke fest which ended up in his bed, on his floor, and down the hallway to the bathroom, he did great. He had one accident, on the couch. After that, he would stand up and tell me he was going to be sick, and run to the bathroom. Once finished, he would flush the toilet, wipe off his mouth with a baby wipe, wash his hands, and then flash me a big smile. He maintained his sweet demeanor throughout the entire process.

I felt horrible for him. It hurt to watch my too skinny child go through that.

I made a bed of towels for him on the floor, and I sat on the couch behind him. I didn't get any sleep, because I was too worried about him, but he slept peacefully. He woke up at 11, feeling completely fine.

He had a mild fever the rest of the day, fell asleep at 7:30, and slept until 11:30 this morning. The sleep helped, because he is back to normal.

Now, I'm just hoping that Grant, Lexie, and I don't get what he had!

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  1. Glad he's feeling better now! There's nothing worse than watching your baby feel so yucky and being able to do nothing for him.


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