Our Five Ring Circus: A (small) Lexie update

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A (small) Lexie update

Lexie is going on 6 weeks of having diarrhea. We still don't have any answers, and it's most likely going to be several more weeks until we do. Half of the lab results from the stool samples came in, and all were negative. I almost wish she had been positive for something, because it would be a quick, easy fix with antibiotics. We are still waiting on 2 test results. The lab is taking forever! Lexie's pediatrician seems to think that we will most likely be moving on to the blood testing, which will most likely take place next week. That is going to be awful for my poor little girl. And then we wait some more...

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  1. Lexie's been on my mind constantly. I'm praying the doctors are able to find out what's wrong quickly!


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