Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday 02/09/09

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday 02/09/09

It's that time of week again. I am a little late attending my weekly therapy session, also known as the blog carnival hosted by MckMama. An all-nighter with a sick kid made this post later than usual. Head on over to MckMama's blog to experience all the fun involved with this blog carnival.

So here's what didn't happen this week:

My TV did not die on Thursday. Even if it did, my husband would not have replaced it with a huge TV. He is not ridiculously happy with his purchase. I am not constantly wondering what the big deal is with having a big TV. Oh, and my beautiful entertainment center? The top part was not cut off by my husband, to make room for said TV.

I am not fuming over the fact that Lexie's remaining test results still aren't in. My poor, little girl is not going on week 7 of constant diarrhea.

Dylan did not just come down with his very first stomach virus, minutes ago. It did not take 4 1/4 years into motherhood before I encountered this. I did not jinx us by saying that my kids have never been really sick other than Dylan's 5 month long rash, and Lexie's current diarrhea issue. I am not wondering which one of us is going to get it next. I am not thinking it will most likely be me, since he vomited in my face, and some hit my lips. That did not happen.

Lexie did not refuse to say excuse me after breakfast, on Saturday morning. We did not make her sit at the table until she said it. She did not sit there for an hour,without saying it. We did not have to take her directly to her crib for her nap, which she refused to take. She has not refused to take a nap several days this week. I was not left thinking that she was the most stubborn child ever. She did not learn her lesson, and say excuse me after every meal after that incident.

I did not eat dinner at my parents on Wednesday night, stop by for a spontaneous lunch with my mom on Thursday, and then eat dinner again with them on Friday.I am not a meal mooch.

Lexie did not fall asleep at 5:45 on Thursday night, only to wake up just as Dylan was going to bed. She was not covered in a head to toe rash that luckily went away when the benadryl kicked in. Which did not happen to be at 1:00 A.M.

I did not feel horribly guilty when our friend gave us a belated Christmas gift, while we didn't even have a gift for him on his birthday. Doh! Love you, Rob!

Saturday night did not happen. My niece did not show up, uninvited, and completely ruin game night, by having a nervous breakdown/freak out. I am not sick of all the drama. I did not have to spend 4 hours cleaning up toys today, because every single toy that Dylan owns was in the middle of the floor, in pieces. I did not have to throw out broken toys. I am not thinking that game night needs to happen at someone else's house from now on.

After the drama left our house, Grant, my mom, and I did not stay up until 3 AM playing cards. We did not have a blast!

I am not agonizing over my decision about which Pre-K I want to send Dylan to. I need to decide by Thursday.

I did not already file our taxes, and money is not coming our way soon. Said money will not be immediately spent on some necessary things.

I am not praying that my niece gets the help she needs. Nor am I praying that Lexie, Grant, and I manage to avoid getting what Dylan has. That is the last thing that Lexie needs right now.


  1. Ugh, being puked on. I hope you don't get sick as well. About the diarrhea thing...I had it for 3 months about five years ago. The doctors couldn't find anything, until I discovered that I'm soy milk intolerant. No more soy lattes for me. Not to say that what your little one has, but it might be an idea. Prehaps, milk intolerance. .....

  2. Ohh I feel that virus pain. Our little one threw up on my husband and I and two days later we had it. We'll be hoping that you are SPARED! Hope the doctors bring Lexie some relief soon.

  3. Viruses are just plain yucky! Hope the kiddos feel better soon! Have you tried cutting things out with your sweetheart daughter? I only know that I have SEVERAL food allergies and suffered lots too. Hope you guys have a great Monday!

  4. Hope your kids ger well soon. And that you stay well.

  5. Wow, a really really tough week! You deserve some kind of reward for making it through! (thus far) ;)

    I'm not sure which part of your week was worst but the vomit on the mouth might have it.....YIKES!

    We will be praying for sweet little Lexie and Dylan too!


  6. Poor sweetheart, 4 more weeks? I'm so sorry Stef. That was rough week! Hugs.


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