Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me!

It's time for some more weekly confessions! Check out MckMama's blog for a great read and while you're there, you'll find many more Not Me! Monday blogs.

First off, I definitely have updated my blog since my Not Me! Monday post last week. I did not go a week without blogging.

Dylan did not knock his 84-year-old Great Grandma over last night, by tackling her with a hug. Grant and I did not flip out on him, and make him sit on the stairs for 20 minutes. We did not later feel guilty over yelling at him, because we didn't ever tell him that his Nannie is too fragile for big hugs like that.

Dylan's room does not look like a tornado ripped through it...it hasn't been a disaster zone all week. We have not been too busy to clean up.

I am not sitting here, blogging...instead, I am in Dylan's room, helping him clean up that disaster.

My house is not overfilled with toys, nor am I contemplating where we are going to put the too many Christmas gifts Santa is bringing.

I am not thinking about where we could possibly put our someday 3rd child. While on that topic, I do not have baby fever. I have my hands full already.


  1. I love the name of your blog!! Just too dern cute. :o)

  2. Nope not me who is totally going to join you in this cool Not Me Monday!!! Cute and Fun!!!


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