Our Five Ring Circus: Life as a 4 year old...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life as a 4 year old...

...is pretty rough.

Dylan decided to start off life as a 4 year old with a trip to the ER, for some stitches.

It all started while he was playing with Lexie and his friend, Tyler, at Jocie and Tom's house. He somehow tripped and hit his head on the edge of the wall. I saw blood spurting out of his forehead, so I picked him up and ran for the bathroom, calling for Grant on my way. We were luckily just 5 minutes away from the ER, and because he had a bleeding head wound, they took us back immediately.

The nurse put a numbing gel on his head, and within 20 minutes, the pediatrician came back, and stitched him up. Dylan stopped crying just a few minutes after the injury happened, and was perfectly calm in the ER. It was as if nothing happened to him! He didn't even flinch as the doctor stitched him up. It definitely helped that she knew a lot about Dylan's favorite subject: Star Wars! I was amazed and shocked at how well he did! We were out of the ER in about an hour, headed back to pick up Lexie, and Dylan decided he wanted to stay and play for a while. This kid is amazing!

He is now 5 days into this injury, and hasn't complained of any pain. Yesterday, he said it itched, but he doesn't mess around with it. It is healing great, and he gets the stitches removed on Friday.

This was his first ER visit, but his 4th big injury. The other injuries were treated at his doctor's office. We've been through him biting completely through under his bottom lip, getting staples put in a cut on his head, an injured finger, and now his first stitches. I think that's enough!!!


  1. Poor guy! He sounds so brave though!

  2. Oh no!! Poor Dylan! I know exactly what you went through since I was just at that point with Cody too. :-( What are we going to do with our boys?!?!?


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