Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday-last of 2008 edition

Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday-last of 2008 edition

MckMama isn't participating today, but you can still check out her blog by clicking the link above. While there, say a quick prayer for baby Stellan.

So here is my final Not Me! Monday for 2008. This has been fun, and I plan to continue next year. It is great therapy!

It was NOT 70 degrees in PA on Saturday. That would just be absurd.

I did not snap in front of our company, on the day after Christmas. My kids were not over-tired, whining beasts.

I do not have mountains of toys in every room of my house. My house does not look like Toys R Us. Of course, I know exactly where I'm going to put all of this stuff.

I did not briefly entertain the idea of my good friend, Ron, really moving into my house to become my manny.

I did not think that warm, soft sheets were the best thing in the world, as I crawled into bed Saturday night. I did not have to wash said sheets today, even though they had only been on my bed for 12 hours. I did not buy these wonderful, flannel, king size sheets for only $9.99. I am not incredibly eager to snuggle into them tonight.

I didn't go shopping AGAIN today. My almost 2 year old girl did not enjoy herself on this shopping trip. She did not return from the shopping trip in one of the best moods she's ever been in. (Okay, so she loved Old Navy and all the chunky bracelets they had. She did not love the long line at Kohls. Of course, she didn't throw a screaming, crying, smacking mama temper tantrum in my arms as I tried to pay.)

I did not want to go postal on an impatient driver who beeped at me because I wasn't moving fast enough. I did not leave her in a trail of dust, just to prove a point. As I pulled through into a spot, and parked the car, said driver did not stop in front of my spot, put her turn signal on, and act like she was trying to get that spot. I did not back up, just to be nice, only to have the wench hop out of her car, shake her head, and throw up her hands at me.

My 4 year old is not asking for more toys.

I was not in complete disbelief on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that it was, in fact, Christmas Eve and Christmas was here.

Grant and I were not awake until 3 A.M. Christmas morning, assembling a Rose Petal Cottage and Star Wars tent. Grant did not forget my stocking stuffers at his parents house, and didn't drive to get them at 2 AM. We did not have to drag our butts out of bed at 9 A.M. and wake our kids up on Christmas morning. The kids would not have slept in until 11:30, if we hadn't woken them. Seeing the look on Dylan's face was not completely worth waking up for. (Okay, it was!)

Lexie was not a manic beast, all through the gift unwrapping.

I can totally believe that this year is almost over, that my baby is going to be 2 shortly, and that we will probably be trying to conceive another next year.

I did not have a completely wonderful Christmas. I am not a bit sad that it's over.

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