Our Five Ring Circus: Back to Not Me! Monday

Monday, December 8, 2008

Back to Not Me! Monday

After taking a break for a few weeks, I decided to jump back into it and join in the fun. I've missed posting these, but have been ridiculously busy lately,
and haven't had a chance to blog much. For more Not Me! fun, head on over to MckMama's blog, by clicking the button above.

So, here are the things I most certainly have not done recently.

It wasn't me who ruined Lexie's birthday present, by buying it for Christmas. I did not get overly excited about saving $55 on the Rose Petal Cottage...so excited
that I bought it and decided that I had to give it to her for Christmas. Really, though, you can't beat $30 with free shipping on an $85 toy!

I did not trudge around the cemetary, looking for my Grandma's grave on her birthday, and feel horribly guilty that I couldn't remember where it was because I hadn't
been there in 2 years.

I did not nearly vomit and pass out in the car, as I was holding a towel on Dylan's cut forehead, on the way to the ER. I am a mother. I am supposed to be able to
handle these things.

It wasn't me who enjoyed a 2 hour nap while Lexie was napping, and Grant took Dylan out shopping. Nor was it me who jumped out of bed when I heard the garage door
opening, in complete disbelief that I slept so long.

I wasn't the crazy woman who was secretly disappointed to find out that I really had a stomach bug, and wasn't pregnant. I, of course, did not already have the
due date planned in my head.

It wasn't me who was pleased that my lack of eating due to said stomach bug allowed me to stay off the treadmill for a week. I love running on the treadmill!

I most cetainly did not buy the kids matching Christmas pajamas. Nor did I let them wear the pajamas at the same time. That would just be lame.

I did not laugh at Lexie's reaction when she got her flu shot this week. One minute she was talking nonstop, and the next she was screaming bloody murder.
Of course that's not funny.

I am not the slightest bit amused by my feisty, opinionated daughter, who talks constantly, and lets her feelings be known. Not at all.

Dylan did not attend his first appointment with a new pediatrician, with a stitched up head.

I was not incredibly proud of my big boy for acting perfect and calm while getting his stitches put in, and then removed. So proud that I bought him a toy. 3 weeks before Christmas.


  1. Awww...does he love his stitches?!

    My son has had a couple run ins already and he's 8...uggg!

  2. Great list! You have a cute blog!

  3. Is it sad that we get excited at the prospect of losing weight due to a bug...what is wrong with us! :)

  4. I love when you do these posts! They always crack me up :)


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