Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's time for another Not Me! Monday. Check out MckMama's great blog by clicking the Not Me! Monday button above. You will be able to find many more great Not Me! Monday blogs on there.

I did not skip wrapping presents on Monday night, and instead choose to sit in front of the computer, enjoying my time on the internet without constant interruption.

My kids did not sleep until 11:15 on Thursday morning. They did not sit and play quietly on their sick mommy's bed until sick mommy could drag herself out of bed at 1:15 P.M.

No, I did not sleep until 1:15 P.M. Even if I was sick.

It wasn't me who nearly threw a temper tantrum in WalMart when I couldn't locate the photo albums. Seriously, why do they constantly have to move things around? GRRR! Christmas shopper on a mission here!

I did not stare in awe at the ginormous stack of toys that "Santa" is bringing the kids. My husband is NOT going to kill me, even though I stuck to the budget. (Great deals, honey, remember?)

I did not stay up until 2:40 AM last night, wrapping those gifts.

My kids have not slept past 11 almost every day this week. And even if they did, I most certainly did not.

I am not constantly praying that we avoid the stomach flu that we were exposed to on Saturday.

I did not buy Dylan the world's ugliest Christmas pajamas, simply because I slacked off and didn't shop for them until yesterday. Lexie pajama's are not a shirt and pants set.

I sent out Christmas cards. Really, I did. Well, they may end up being Happy New Year cards.

Our great friend, Ron, did not spend a fortune buying Dylan the coolest gift ever-the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Even if he did, Dylan has not been playing with it since 4:00 yesterday afternoon. I am not overwhelmingly grateful to Ron for providing many hours of entertainment for my son, during these cold, stuck in the house, winter months. (Love you, Ron!)

My eye is not scratched, and I do not have a cold. Okay, wishful thinking.

Lexie was not afraid of Santa Claus, and she, of course, sat on his lap.

I am not ridiculously excited for Christmas.

(And I'm not still praying that we avoid the stomach flu.)


  1. I threw a fit at Walmart this week too, when I went in to buy fleece for a blanket I was planning to make for a gift for over a month now... and they had no fleece! Apparently, they are going to stop carrying it, and had it all marked down 75%. I had no idea, and it was gone when I went in to buy some. Darn Walmart!!

  2. My Dillon got the millennium falcon for Xmas too! Oh, they would be great friends ;)

    I'm jealous of you- I WISH my kids would sleep till 11AM one of these day!


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