Our Five Ring Circus: Myrtle Beach Pandemic Vacation - Day 3

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Myrtle Beach Pandemic Vacation - Day 3


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Day 3 of our Myrtle Beach "Pandemic" Vacation was a relaxing one! Life is always GO GO GO for us at home, so we try to take it easy on vacation. In September, we took advantage of all the restrictions still in place, and just did our own thing at the beach. It ended up being one of our best beach vacations!

It was perfect, because we started each day slowly, spent our afternoons at the pool and the beach, ate dinner together as a family, took walks on the beach, and enjoyed late night swims. Although a few days were a bit more adventurous, day 3 was all about relaxing and just enjoying being at the beach. It truly is our happy place! 

I'm not quite sure what this month's vacation to the beach is going to be like, but we will definitely be adopting a few of those lazy days strategies. Slow mornings were new to us on this vacation, and we all agreed that it was exactly what we needed. Recapping this last trip from September is making us feel so excited for our upcoming family vacation!

Day 3 started with a relaxing morning on our balcony!

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We eventually got ready for a day of swimming, loaded up our gear in our beach cart, and headed down to the pool.

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After swimming in the pool for a while, we headed to the beach. Liam immediately got back into one of his favorite beach activities - chasing the birds - and Coen decided he liked that idea, too! Grant and our older kids went swimming in the ocean, while the little kids played in the sand.

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Eventually, Coen fell asleep in my arms, and the few people on the beach started to leave. Grant and my dad decided to take Dylan, Lily, and Liam back to the condo so they could get started on their showers. Lexie stayed on the beach with me, and we were able to relax for an hour or two, which was so nice! Coen woke up just in time to see Lexie make friends with a pigeon that she named Rebecca!

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Dinner time arrived, so we packed up our beach gear, and headed back to our condo. Liam had fallen asleep for a nap, so the girls entertained Coen while I showered. When I was done, it was time to work together to make dinner!

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After dinner, we took a short walk on the beach, then came back to the condo to change into swimsuits for a late night swim. The kids hung out in the lazy river, while Grant and I relaxed in the hot tub in the middle of the river. The quiet didn't last long, and soon, they were all in the hot tub with us! 

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We stayed until the pool closed, then headed back to the condo for showers, pajamas, and a late night snack! My dad and the kids eventually headed to bed, and Grant and I stayed up a bit longer to sit on the balcony. Beach life is good for all of us!

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Stay tuned for day 4...

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