Our Five Ring Circus: Back To School with Monster Pop

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Back To School with Monster Pop


Back To School Snacks

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This week, my kids headed back to school! Gone are the lazy days of Summer. Now we have a structured schedule, sports practices, and game days. Our nights are filled with setting out school outfits, checking backpacks, and packing lunch boxes. Our days are spent in the car, running to and from school, sports, and activities, and snacking on the go. Monster Pop is there with us every step of the way!

My 5 kids are constantly asking for snacks, so I'm always looking for new, healthy snacks that they will love. When choosing snacks, I look for foods that can easily (and neatly) be eaten on the go. Bonus points if they are gluten free, so Liam, who has Celiac Disease, can eat them, too! Versatility is an important factor. Can they be added to lunch boxes? Can they snack on them at home? Do they come in different size bags and flavors?

My 4 older kids love popcorn, so we were excited to try Monster Pop. Sometimes they aren't big fans of the flavors of healthier alternatives, but it was an instant hit. It tastes JUST like movie theater popcorn without all the grease! Here's why Monster Pop is now a part of of our snack rotation...

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Who is Monster Pop?

Monster Pop is a natural, healthy, gluten free popcorn made just for kids. (Just FYI, adults love it, too!) Their popcorn is made with all whole grain ingredients, and doesn't include anything fake. Their Big-Time popcorn only has 4 ingredients, including real butter.

Monster Pop:

  • is gluten free.
  • is kosher.
  • is non-GMO.
  • does not contain high fructose corn syrup.
  • does not contain added sugar.
  • does not contain trans fat.
  • does not contain artificial ingredients.
Monster Pop comes in two delicious flavors:
  • Big-Time Butter
  • Cheeseriffic Cheese
Monster Pop even has two adorable monsters to represent each flavor! Bud for Big-Time Butter and Cas for Cheeseriffic Cheese!

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How We Use Monster Pop in our Back To School Routine

We pack it in lunch boxes! 

School Lunch Ideas

It's a GREAT addition to Liam's gluten-free lunch. Here's his favorite bento lunch:
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • String Cheese
  • Jello with fruit
  • Turkey Hot Dog with ketchup
  • Gluten Free Fruit Snacks
  • Monster Pop Big-Time Butter

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We add it to backpacks for a school snack.

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My kids choose it as an after-school snack, when they come home starving due to their EARLY lunchtimes!

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It's a great on-the-go snack before - or after - practices, activities, and games!

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What We Thought Of Monster Pop

Everybody in my family loved Monster Pop! Even the adults gave it a try. We all agreed that it tastes much better than our usual brand!

Big-Time Butter was the preferred flavor. It really does taste just like movie theater popcorn, and it's so much better for you!  Cheeseriffic Cheese tastes really good, too. 

From a mom's perspective, I love how the popcorn is a healthy alternative to other brands, yet tastes better. I truly feel good about packing it in my kids' lunch boxes, sending it in for snacktime, and giving it to my kids after school. It is now a part of our back to school/snacktime routine!

As for my personal opinion, I honestly love it, and I DON'T really like popcorn. I never choose popcorn for a snack, but found myself eating an entire snack bag myself. The main reason is the delicious flavor, but I also noticed that the kernels (the part I don't like) aren't as big as other brands! I was able to enjoy the snack without getting random kernels stuck in my teeth, which is a big deal, in my opinion!

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You can purchase Monster Pop on their website - www.monsterpopshop.com

Get 25% off with the promo code MOMSMEET25 (valid through 10/31/21)

Back To School Snack Ideas

We LOVE Monster Pop, and I'm sure you will, too!

Back To School with Monster Pop

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