Our Five Ring Circus: Fab {Target} Finds Friday

Friday, January 17, 2020

Fab {Target} Finds Friday

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Happy Friday! I'm so glad it's Friday, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend thanks to having an extra day "off." The return to reality after the holidays was rough, so the three day break is much needed!

I've been participating in Friday Favorites for years, but this year, I'm starting something new: Fab Finds Friday. Here, I'll be sharing my favorite finds from stores, websites, and small shops. It probably won't be every single week, but I'm aiming for twice a month!

I usually stop at Target each week to pick up the little extras (cleaning supplies, pet items, healthcare and beauty items, etc). I also hoard gift cards I receive to Target, and use them to pick up items as I see them. Over the past two weeks, I found some great clearance deals, and some cute seasonal items in the Target Dollar Spot, and decided to share them with you for my first Fab Finds Friday!


As soon as I walk into Target, I immediately browse through the Target Dollar Spot. I probably spend too much money here, but I always find some really cute items for gifts, home decor, and DIY projects! Plus, you can't beat the prices! (The Busy Binder I created using items from the Target Dollar Spot is still one of my most viewed posts and most re-pinned Pinterest pins of all time!) Here's what I found this month:

Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine's Day decor at Target Dollar Spot

Some of my favorite holiday decor items come from The Dollar Spot! I found this adorable mirror ($3) and these heart cutout cups ($1 each), which make great vases!

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts for girls at The Dollar Spot at Target

The Dollar Spot at Target

We give our kids small gifts on Valentine's Day. And by small, I really do mean small! It gets very expensive very fast with five kids, so we aim to spend about $5 each. They each get a pair of socks ($1 each), a small item ($3 each), and a candy item. I thought the nail polish set with the sparkly nail files would be perfect for Lexie, and Lily always asks for her own lip glosses, so hopefully she will be happy with those!

Class Valentines and Teacher Gifts

valentines ideas

Teacher gifts for Valentine's Day

I buy the kids valentines for their class parties as soon as I see them. I don't have the time or energy to make homemade valentines, plus there's a no treat policy in our district, so store bought it is. If you don't buy them early, the good ones go quickly! This year, Lily got llamas ($3 kit), and Liam got stretchy animals ($1 each).

Lily and Liam were blessed with some amazing teachers this year, so we're giving them a treat, too. As soon as I saw these socks at Target ($1/pair), I knew they would be perfect for their little goody bags! (Just FYI, they have a big teacher/classroom section in the Dollar Spot right now!)

Valentine's Day Lunch Goodies

Valentine's Day lunches

Lexie and Liam pack their lunch every day, but Lily buys lunch most days now. Fun Fact - I started writing lunch notes to Lexie when she was in first grade, and she kept every single note in a memory box! I did the same thing for Lily, and if I forget, she tells me! I always get my holiday/seasonal notepads at Target, because they are only $1. We love llamas, so I thought these would be cute for their lunch notes. I also grabbed an 8-pack of silicone cupcake liners ($3) to make cute Valentine's Day lunches in their Bento Boxes!

Cute Basics

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I needed some new socks and hair ties, and found them in the Dollar Spot! I run around in my socks all the time, so they never last too long. I don't feel bad spending $1 a pair! I was going to buy hair ties in the hair accessory aisle, but these ones ($3) caught my eye. They are soft and cozy, and look like sweaters, so they are perfect for winter!

Home Decor

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I thought these little blocks were so cute, and perfect for the mantel and shelves in my house! At $1 each, I couldn't pass them up!

Okay, so $36 later, just in the Dollar Spot...moving on!


Coen eats a lot of snacks now. I found these peanut butter puffs in the baby food section, so I figured we would try them. Not only does Coen love them, but Lexie does, too! Target is the only place I've been able to find them so far. (As you can see, the bag got opened and destroyed while I was taking pictures for this post!)

Valentine's Day Baby Clothes

Valentine's Day sleeper

Baby Fashion Valentine's Day

Clearance Kids Clothing

Kids Fashion

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Clothing five growing kids, including a teen and a tween, is expensive! If I find a great deal on an item, I  usually buy it. Lily loves sequin shirts, and I found this one on clearance for less than $7. It's perfectly Lily, and she loves it!

At 6 1/2, Liam finally outgrew his 3T pants and most of his 3T shirts. (Yes, he's tiny!) It was time to move up a size, so I found these 4T jeans on clearance for $10. They are really cute, and I love the drawstring waist!

Fab Find!

Target Deals

While I was searching for a new sheet set, I came across these sheet sets, which were on clearance for $5.99!!! We can never have enough sheets, so I bought a set for Dylan, Lexie, Lily, and Liam. Dylan snagged his from the bag, and immediately put them on his bed. All of the twin sets from this line were on clearance, and they had a great mix of solid colors and prints. I actually liked Dylan's set the best - monochrome plus signs!

I love Target so much! Sweet Coen is the best shopping buddy, too. (He sleeps through our trips MOST of the time!) What have you found at Target lately?

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Fab Finds Friday - Target Favorites!


  1. Oh, I love Target. Those are some fun Dollar Spot finds. My mom used to randomly put notes in my lunch when I was growing up, and it was always a fun surprise.


  2. Target is the best. Trader Joe's had bamba for awhile, not sure if they still do!

  3. That's a great price for those sheet sets, and I like the designs too.


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