Our Five Ring Circus: The Best Winter Books for Kids

Friday, February 1, 2019

The Best Winter Books for Kids

The Best Winter Books for Kids

Like much of the country, we were hit with REALLY cold temps from the polar vortex! While we didn't get hit as hard as many others, those negative temps don't happen often in Pittsburgh. The -20 windchill shut down our schools, and my kids were so excited to get three days off in a row! We were snuggled up in the warmth of our home for the past few days, so it seemed like the perfect time to share our Winter Book Crate and our picks for the best winter books for kids! 

I'm an avid reader, so I fill our home with books! I think developing a love for reading is incredibly important, and I'm working hard to raise readers. I introduce books to my children when they are infants, read to them every day, encourage their love of reading, and rarely say no when they ask for a book. We support school book fairs, purchase from the Scholastic flyers, visit our library regularly, and have books in every room in our home.

I shared our seasonal/holiday book crate on the blog before, and it's a beloved staple in our living room! I rotate the books every season and every holiday, and my kids love reading the books that fill it. Once the Christmas books were packed away, the book crate got filled with their Winter favorites! (In our opinion), here are the BEST Winter books for kids...


Winter Books for Kids

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Our list of favorites includes books that were purchased for my now 14 year old, as well as newer releases. There are books for girls and books for boys, but most are gender neutral. The list includes beloved classics, Scholastic favorites, and fun facts books. As you can see, many of the books on our list have been very well loved!

Winter Book Crate for Kids

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1. The Mitten by Jan Brett
2. The Hat by Jan Brett
3. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
4. A Snowman Named Just Bob by Mark Kimball Moulton
5. Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Buehner
6. There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! by Lucille Colandro
7. If You Were A Penguin by Wendell & Florence Minor
8. Let It Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
9. Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep by Jane Yolen & Heidi E. Y. Stemple
10. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Snowflake Day!
11. Snow Babies by Joan Emerson
12. National Geographic Kids Penguins! by Anne Schreiber
13. A Long Way From Home by Elizabeth Baguley
14. Snowball Soup by Mercer Mayer
15. You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest
16. Wake Up, Groundhog! by Susanna Leonard Hill
17. A Very Special Snowflake by Don Hoffman
18. HideAway Husky by Lisa McCue
19. Just A Snowman by Mercer Mayer
20. Snow by Marion Dane Bauer
21. The Smiley Snowman by M. Christina Butler & Tina Macnaughton
22. Dora the Explorer - Dora Saves The Snow Princess
23. Strawberry Shortcake - The Snow Dance

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With Groundhog's Day being tomorrow, I bet you can guess which book title we will be reading tonight and tomorrow! Do you think the groundhog will see his shadow? Or not? I always felt like this is a ridiculous holiday considering there will be 6 more weeks of Winter no matter what, but visiting nearby Punxsutawney for Groundhog's Day is on my bucket list!

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I shared the link to our super easy DIY seasonal/holiday book crate at the bottom of this post, but it has been in our living room for a few years! It is getting a bit beat up from all the love, so it just might need to be re-painted this Spring. I trim it with a seasonal or holiday garland, but Liam decided to unstring our snowball garland, and fixing it just wasn't on my To Do List while I'm a million years pregnant!

Holiday Book Crate for Kids

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What Winter-themed books would you add to the list? Share your favorites in the comments so I can check them out!

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  1. I've always been a big reader, so I love when people encourage their kids to read. I love the idea of a book crate to swap out books for the seasons/holidays. Looks like you have quite a good Winter book collection.


  2. I love The Snowy Day and Snowmen at Night!

  3. I thought in one photo it looked like Liam was reading Bear Snores On...But maybe not - I love all those bear books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. Such sweet illustrations!


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