Our Five Ring Circus: Life With Four Littles: Weekly Recap

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Life With Four Littles: Weekly Recap

Life With Four Littles: Weekly Recap

Life with four littles - or rather, a teen, a tween, and two littles - is always interesting. There is never a dull moment, and in just a few weeks, we'll be adding a newborn to the mix! It seems like baby boy is taking after his brothers, and wants to join the family early. Although our 5th and final baby isn't due until March 14th, I think he's going to be joining us in February...especially after the events of the past few days!

Although it's true that there's never a dull moment, this was a calmer than usual week for us. A pulled abdominal muscle and pregnancy progression forced us - or at least ME - to slow down for a few days. Because of that, this just might be our most boring week yet, which is evidenced by the lack of pictures that I took!

Here's a glimpse at life with four littles last week...

Monday, January 21st

The kids were off school, and it was a company holiday for Grant, so we spent the entire day at home. We all slept in, then I got involved with an in-depth organization project that lasted for hours. By the time I finished, it was time for dinner and the school night routine! The only pictures I took were of the moon shortly after midnight, which I shared last week!

Tuesday, January 22nd

The kids headed back to school, and Grant headed back to work. It was a nice transition, though, because it started with a 2 hour delay! Back to business as usual. I headed out to do our grocery shopping after dropping the kids off at school, then picked up Liam from Kindergarten when I was done. The rest of the day was spent at home. The kids headed outside to play in the snow after school, then came back in for homework, dinner, and nighttime chores.

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Wednesday, January 23rd

My day started with a very early weekly OB appointment/NST. I wake up at 6 AM with Dylan each morning, but I headed out the door right after he got on the bus. It's so odd being the first patient into the office. The receptionist's office is completely dark, and there's only one nurse in the entire office until 8 AM. It's so early, but the perks are that I don't have to take kids with me, there's no wait whatsoever, and I get everything done first thing in the morning.

My weekly appointments start a bit earlier than most due to my history of preterm labor. This time I'm also getting NST/contractions monitoring each week, to make sure the baby is handling the "excess activity" well. (He was perfectly fine at this appointment!) After my appointment, I raced home to pick up my kids, and drove them to school. They ended up being a few minutes late, but that's going to be their norm once a week for the next few weeks.

It was a weird weather day. It was fairly warm for January, and raining, so there was a creepy mist coming off of the melting snow. My crew still headed outside to play after school! Yes, I do send them outdoors almost every single day!

After dinner, Grant and Lexie took Dylan to basketball practice, while I stayed home with Lily and Liam. Just an ordinary January Wednesday evening for all of us!

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Thursday, January 24th 

Thursday was a quiet day for me. I didn't have any events or appointments scheduled. Instead, I was able to get a lot of work done! I reached 33 weeks of pregnancy, so Lexie took my weekly bump picture after school. It was snowing again - the weather in Pittsburgh jumps up and down each day, but it seems to snow every Thursday when she takes my picture!

Lily almost didn't make it to dance that evening! She did end up missing Jazz, but made it to Ballet and Acro. Thursdays are always a long night at the dance studio, but at least it's quiet, since the rest of my crew is home with their Pap until Grant gets home from work! After we got home, we had a late dinner, then had to rush to get everything done before bed.

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Friday, January 25th

We had our usual Friday. Loads and loads of laundry, and a visit with my parents at their house after school. We have dinner with them almost every single Friday! That evening, Lexie stayed behind for her sleepover at their house, and I pulled an abdominal muscle while carrying a sleeping Liam down the stairs. That led to a very hellish weekend for me!

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Saturday, January 26th

We were up by 7 AM for Dylan's basketball game. Everyone was feeling yucky, especially me, and the roads were really bad from it snowing overnight, so we opted to miss the game. I was a bit frustrated because we were all up and ready to go, but I couldn't even stand up straight, so it was probably a good thing that we stayed home. I was in horrible pain all day, which triggered some intense contractions. I thought we might actually have to go to the hospital, but managed to make it through the day by staying off my feet.

While I was on bed rest, the rest of my family stayed busy. Dylan and Grant ran out to Kohl's for a few things, Dylan's friend came over for a sleepover, Lexie came home from her sleepover at my parent's house only to be driven to a sleepover at her best friend's house, our friends came over, and Lily helped our friend make Philly Cheesesteak sliders and homemade blizzards. Food was eaten, movies were watched, and no baby arrived early...I was miserable, but we'll call it a success!

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Sunday, January 27th

Although the excruciating pain had eased, I was still contracting a little more than usual. It ended up being another stay at home off of my feet day. Lily and Liam kept themselves busy, Dylan's friend was here until 4, and Grant picked up Lexie around 5. Once everyone was home, we had dinner, then the kids got ready for school the following morning.

I felt bad that my pain and contractions ruined the entire weekend, but I keep reminding myself that it will all be over, and he will be here soon enough!

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I can't believe this was the last full week of January! I had high hopes to post my recap on Monday, and actually write five days this week, but I've been dealing with strong contractions ever since. I have a weekly OB appointment tomorrow morning, along with my NST/contractions monitoring. I will honestly be shocked if I'm not dilated! On Friday, we have our last ultrasound to determine just how big this baby is and if he's in position...based on the size of his siblings at birth, I'm going with BIG! No matter what the outcome, it's defintely time to finish preparing for his arrival and pack our hospital bags!

How will you be spending the last two days of January? (We are bundled up indoors thanks to the windchill leading to a school closing!)

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  1. Wow. Sounds like you'll be having the baby soon!

  2. I'm so glad your NSTs are going well! I had to take those with Jacob for the last few weeks of pregnancy and he was always just as calm and cozy has he could be! I hope that continues for you as well!

  3. Love these recaps! I'm so sorry you pulled a muscle! Hope you are feeling better. Your pictures are always so great of the kids and I think you look great! Have a good rest of the week.

  4. Girl, you look gorgeous, and you are getting so close to your due date!!! When did you start doing NSTs? I don't actually have to do them since I switched to a midwife this time - how interesting! Also, looking at that snow - color me jealous! Happy weekend, friend!

  5. Sounds like you haven't been busy at all. Ha! Glad all is well, I am so behind on blogging!!


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