Our Five Ring Circus: The Weekly Mom Life Recap

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Weekly Mom Life Recap

The Weekly Mom Life Recap

Happy Monday! We're starting the new week after having our first relaxing weekend of the Summer. It was LOVELY! The past two weeks have been really busy, so the break was much needed!

We finally have a fairly quiet week ahead of us. Other than my work (and there's plenty of that) and the usual everyday chores, the only thing we HAVE to do is go grocery shopping today, run a few errands, visit my parents on Friday, and go to a graduation party. I still can't run thanks to my broken toe, but I have big plans to start yoga again this week!

Here's a recap of what we've done over the past two weeks (Spoiler Alert: We've been busy!):  


Monday, June 11th

Most of the day was quiet, but that evening, Lily had a rehearsal at her dance studio for the dance recital finale. When we arrived home, my dad picked up Dylan for his extended sleepover. He would be going with my dad to visit my brother and his family in Erie the following day, and was staying at my parents house until Thursday evening. My dad showed up with a new bike for Liam, so we spent the next few hours outside while he pedaled it around!

Down syndrome blogs

Down syndrome

Life with Down syndrome


Kids Scooters

Tuesday, June 12th

We finally had it! A quiet day at home ALL day! We didn't leave the house at all, we spent hours in the backyard, and it was WONDERFUL!


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Kids Photography



English Mastiff

Up Syndrome

Kids Who Can Sleep Anywhere

The Baby Unicorn Manifesto

Summer Nights

Little Ballerina

Wednesday, June 13th

Another day spent at home all day. WHO are we?!?

Summer Nights

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Nothing Down About It

Down syndrome

Up syndrome

Married Life

Thursday, June 14th

Most of the day was spent at home playing. That evening my dad came over to watch my kids while I took Lily to her last day of dance classes. When we came home, we had dinner and let the kids play outside until dark. That evening, I broke my little toe on the way to bed. Talk about AWFUL timing!

Tiny Dancer

Friday, June 15th

It was a packed day! I had a week's worth of laundry to do, a Twitter chat to co-host, and Lily had dress rehearsal for her dance recital the following day. While we were at rehearsal, my dad took Lexie and Liam to a farm. After rehearsal, we stopped by my parent's house for a bit and the girls were so excited to roast marshmallows. We were busy from morning until late night, and I was exhausted by the end of the day!

Little Ballerinas

Life with Down syndrome

Farm Life

Kids and Goats

Roasting Marshmallows

Saturday, June 16th

Dance recital day! The entire morning and afternoon revolved around Lily's dance recital, and we loved watching her dance! Lily's best friend came home with us after the recital for a sleepover, and Dylan went to their house for a sleepover with their boys. Our friends came over that evening to hang out.

Studio 19 Dance Complex

Sunday, June 17th

Happy Father's Day! That morning, our friends dropped Dylan off and picked up their daughter on their way to brunch. I made breakfast for everybody, then the kids gave their gifts to Grant. Grant enjoyed a lazy day at home. That evening, I stopped by to visit my dad for a while. We came home and cooked Grant one of his favorite dinners, then had a quiet evening at home.

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Father's Day

Monday, June 18th

We had a lazy morning and afternoon at home. That evening, we went to a birthday party at the movie theater for my best friend's son. After pizza, cake, and a quick tour of the movie theater, Dylan, Lexie, and Lily went in with the rest of the guests to see Incredibles 2, while Liam and I went shopping. We picked them up after the movie, then headed home to play outside during the little bit of daylight we had left.

Special Needs Siblings

Tuesday, June 19th

Liam had his first day of the June session of summer preschool. He was so excited to go! That afternoon, my parents picked Lexie up for her extended sleepover. She would be staying until Friday night! Once Grant got home from work, we ate dinner, and played outside until dark.

English Mastiff Puppy

Wednesday, June 20th

Liam had preschool, so when we picked him up, we stopped by the park for a while. We had a quiet evening at home that night.

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

Changing the Face of Beauty

Thursday, June 21st

Liam had his last day for the June session of preschool. After dropping him off, Lily and I headed to the library to pick out some books. After picking up Liam from school, we headed to the park for a HUGE photo/video session. We didn't get home until late, so we had a late dinner that night.

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Sibling Love

Friday, June 22nd

Friday is almost always my day to do all of our laundry from the week, and visit my parents. This Friday wasn't any different, and we were finally reunited with Lexie after her three day visit with my parents. That evening, the kids stayed home with Grant while I went to my sister's house for girls' night. (AKA no  husbands or kids!) I ended up staying until 2 AM before heading home. (Thank goodness she only lives 2 miles down the road!)

English Mastiff

Visiting Grandparents

Saturday, June 23rd

Most of Saturday was spent at home. Our friends came over that evening, and we eventually decided we wanted to make homemade pepperoni rolls and dessert. My friend and I went on a spontaneous shopping trip to get the ingredients. Back at home, we made the pepperoni rolls, then followed them up with chocolate cake from a bakery, and watched a movie. We hung out until 3 AM. It was a fun night, but Grant and I crashed as soon as our friends left! (AND I didn't take any pictures!)

Sunday, June 24th

I decided to say no to our typical Sunday errands, and opted to stay home all day instead. It was so relaxing, that I think it just might have to happen more often! Instead of running around all day, I spent the afternoon in the backyard with the kids, preparing for the week ahead. I filled out my planner for the week, filled out my blog/social media calendar, and made to do lists and shopping lists. I feel so much more prepared for the upcoming week!

Summer Days

Life with Down syndrome

Here's to a quiet(er) week ahead! As every parent knows, there's no such thing as a quiet week with four kids, but our schedule is much calmer than it typically is. I'll take it. Happy Summer!

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  1. Hooray for so much time spent at home!!!! I know that is such a blessing for you since you're always going a million miles a minute! Enjoy these summer days, Momma!

  2. Yay for quiet weeks ahead.. I know I needed that this weekend more than anything!! Happy Summer!!

  3. SO MUCH to comment on! For a start your family is beautiful - it is so great to see them having such a fantastic outdoor life - with a rope swing (I wouldn't mind one of those to myself haha). Your parents have goats and the pig as pets or do they run a farm? Either way - you are so lucky to be around that! And I have to say, Dylan's art work is amazing - he is so talented - Caspar is stuck on stick men still. Liam is doing great on his trike - are you going to try him on one of those balance bike things at any point? And Ella - what a gentle giant - one day I've got to get me a big giant dog! But letting her sleep in your bed - you are CRAAAAAAAYYYYYZEEEEE lady hahah! Have a great week - hopefully without 3am bed times! Joanne xx

    1. Thank you! The animals were actually at my parent's friend's farm...although we had quite a few farm animals when I was growing up!

  4. Sometimes it's nice to spend a day completely at home...although I'm always crazy by the end of the day and ready to get out haha I love all the sweet summery pictures! Your kiddos are so adorable <3

    1. I completely agree! Our lazy days don't happen often enough. Thank you, Melissa!

  5. I'm glad Liam likes his summer preschool! And those few days of just staying home sound lovely. You need that sometimes!


    1. He only has 2 months left of preschool...then Kindergarten! It's crazy!

  6. Awe I love that you had some time at home. I stupidly signed Emmy up for t-ball and we are gone so much during the week...she loves it though so I guess it's okay. But man am I missing my evenings at home.

    1. I'm glad she loves it...but I remember those days. Exactly why I told my kids to take a break this Summer. We needed to!

  7. What a fun two weeks. It sounds like it was the perfect amount of busy, relaxing, and everything in between. I agree with you that this summer I need some more quieter days of staying home doing nothing (well maybe not nothing, but you know what I mean.) A day without errands, parties, or other activities to go to is a good thing! Enjoy the week ahead!


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