Our Five Ring Circus: May Days: The Busiest Month of the Year

Monday, June 4, 2018

May Days: The Busiest Month of the Year

May Days - The Busiest Month of the Year

May flew by in a whirlwind of activity! Every single day was scheduled, and I'm not quite sure how we made it through unscathed. But we blinked, and the month was over! 

I had the best intentions of recapping each week on my blog, but the days got away from me due to the constant busyness. I only managed to post two weekly recaps, then the days started adding up. Here's how we spent the rest of May (and the first few days of June)...better luck this month!

Monday, May 14th

This was the only unscheduled day in my planner during the month of May. I never just stay at home, so I know I did something, but the question is...what? A run? Errands? Grocery shopping? Who knows! Mark this down as one of the few days I didn't take a single picture with my camera OR my phone!

Tuesday, May 15th

While the kids were at school, Ella and I went for a run on a VERY hot day. We go straight from winter to summer in Pittsburgh. Or so it seems!

Fit Mom

That evening, Dylan had his 7th Grade Chorus Concert. It was combined with the high school chorus, and they all sang together for the finale, so we had to stay for the entire 3 1/2 hour show. It was REALLY good, but a bit too long. Although my parents and Grant's mom and nannie came along, and Liam loves music, it was no easy feat to keep him still for that long! It was definitely bittersweet, though, because due to several factors, Dylan is no longer continuing with music next year. It just isn't his thing, but thankfully, both girls take after their mom and dad! ;)

7th Grade Chorus Concert

Chorus Concert

Wednesday, May 16th

Just a typical day of running! All four kids had school, I went for a run, and I had to fit in some work in between mom taxiing!

English Mastiff Puppy

Thursday, May 17th

It was just one of those days where I had to be two places at the same time! After a typical day of school, a run with Ella, errands, and a mini photoshoot, Lily had dance from 5-7, and Lexie had a soccer game from 5:30-7:15. I had to recruit backups, and temporarily abandon both girls to be able to do it all!

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We made it happen, though! My parents came over to watch Liam, I took Lily to dance, my dad dropped Lexie off at the soccer field, I got Lily ready for her 6:00 acro class and sent her in, then raced over to the soccer field to watch Lexie's game. I only missed the first few minutes, and Grant made it home from work in time to pick up Lily, so I was able to stay for the entire game. PHEW!

Youth Girls Soccer

Friday, May 18th

Friday was every bit as busy as the day before! Lexie had her Field Day at school, I had what felt like a millions loads of laundry to do, and that evening, we had to drive into Pittsburgh for a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. All 4 of my kids were in my cousin's wedding, so we had a busy night and a busy weekend ahead of us!

Field Day

The Lucky Few

Saturday, May 19th

Wedding Day!!! You can read all about it HERE!

Sibling Love

Sunday, May 20th

As much as we needed a break after the wedding, no such luck! Lexie had an away soccer game the following day, and it was another long drive! Plus, we had to restock the fridge after such a busy week, so we had to go shopping as soon as we got home from the game.

Girls Soccer

Monday, May 21st

Another busy week begins! Grant took the day off work, which was really nice, because he was able to attend Dylan's Medieval Fair at school. It was the 7th Grade History project, and each child had a "booth" selling or demonstrating something, so the gym was packed. Each person received 5 "coins" when they arrived, and could spend them on anything they wanted. Of course, we supported Dylan's Crossbow game, but we also got snacks, wooden toys, gem jars, plants, and homemade jewelry, too!

Medieval Fair

Medieval Fair

Medieval Fair

Tuesday, May 22nd

Lexie woke up with a stuffy nose, so I let her stay home from school. She wasn't feeling awful, so we went for a hike with Ella, then took Liam to the park for a few minutes after school. Then, the rain hit, and chased us indoors for the night.

Hiking with Kids

Life with Down syndrome

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English Mastiff Puppy

Wednesday, May 23rd

Dylan got his chance to stay home on this day, because he had to skip Field Day at school due to his injured knee. Light exercise is still okay, so we went for a hike after dropping Liam off at school.

Hiking with Kids and Dogs

Thursday, May 24th

Thursday was another crazy busy day! It was Liam's last day of preschool, so it was the last afternoon I was without kids for months.  After Liam was done with school, we stopped by the library to get some books. That evening, we had Lexie's 5th Grade Band and Chrous Concert. She loves music, and we're so proud of her!

Mom Life

Children's Library

Life with Down syndrome

5th Grade band concert

Band Concert

5th Grade Chorus Concert

5th Grader

Last Day of Preschool Photo

Friday, May 25th

On Friday, I had Liam's IEP meeting, did a week's worth of laundry, and had dinner with my parents. It was Lily's night to sleep over, so the rest of my crew headed home after dark!

Life with Ds

Kids for Real

Saturday, May 26th

On Saturday, we had a lazy morning, then Lexie and I ran out to do some shopping. That evening, we headed over to my sister's house for my great-niece, Aubrey's birthday party. It was a sad event, because it was her last birthday party while living in Pittsburgh, and we had to say goodbye to my niece and her husband before heading home.

The Lucky Few

Cousin Love

Cousin Love


Sunday, May 27th

On Sunday, it was Aubrey's actual 12th Birthday. She came over for one last sleepover that evening, and we had to have a mini party for her! It was a tough night, because it felt like one of our normal sleepovers, but we knew we had to say goodbye the following day. I'm not going to lie...I was up until 6:30 AM because I spent the night crying!

Monday, May 28th

Monday was Memorial Day. We woke up early and played with Aubrey for a few hours. We spent the afternoon outside until it was time for her to leave. I thought I was prepared to say goodbye, but my  heart broke, and then broke even more when I saw how sad the kids were. They grew up together, and I truly can't believe my days with these five kids together are over. It sucked so much. There's no other way to describe it. But off she went for her last night with my sister and brother in law before leaving for Georgia. I was left with two sobbing girls, so I put Liam down for a nap, had Dylan distract Lily, and took Lexie out for some retail therapy. It didn't ease the pain, but it helped keep the tears away for a few hours. When we came home we had a mini Memorial Day picnic with just our family, then got ready for the week ahead.


Cousin Love

Candid Childhood

Big Family Life

Tuesday, May 29th

Lexie was up late crying the night before, so I let her stay home for a few hours and go to school late. It was over 90 degrees that day, and just before I left to drive her to school, the electricity went out. We ended up hanging out in our car for a while after we dropped Lexie off at school, because it was too hot to leave my car's AC! That evening, Lexie had a very hot soccer practice, and after both littles napped in the car, I took them to a nearby park for a few minutes. After we got home, we played outside until dark.

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May Days

Wednesday, May 30th

Lily had her Olympic Fun day, and because I couldn't go, I don't have any pictures, but she said she had a lot of fun! Liam and I spent the day at home while the kids were at school...I think...and we had a quiet night at home!

Life with Ds

Thursday, May 31st

My parents came over to babysit in the afternoon, because I had a meeting at Lily's school. I brought her home with me, then took her to dance. They are practicing hard for the recital (I have a video which doesn't want to upload to Youtube)! Meanwhile, Grant took Lexie to her last soccer practice, where he had to play against her team. Needless to say, he's sore!

Friday, June 1st

We spent the day visiting my parents, and had dinner with them. Lexie stayed for a sleepover, while the rest of us headed home later that night.


Saturday, June 2nd

We had a quiet Saturday at home. That morning, I drove Grant to pick up his car at the dealership, then returned home to have a lazy morning. Grant and Dylan went for their Saturday drive. Later that day, friends came over to hang out and we watched movies, Dylan's friend came over for a sleepover, and Lexie came back home around 8 from spending the day with my parents. After a crazy busy month, I had no urge to do anything or go anywhere, so I stayed home, and I didn't take a single picture!

Sunday, June 3rd

The weekend ended with Lexie's last soccer game and a pizza party with her team! They finished the season with a big win!

Youth Soccer Game

Youth Girls Soccer Game

When we returned home, Dylan and Grant worked on the yard, Liam napped, Lexie helped in the yard, and Lily and I went shopping. It's always an adventure!

Life with Kids

May kept us on our toes, but we wrapped up the busiest month of the year, then eased into June. It's a four day school week, and then my crew is out for the Summer! We're coming for you, Summer Break!

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  1. Why is May always so crazy?! I told Brian it's almost just as busy as December! We're so glad summer break is finally here! I hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation.

    1. It really is! Probably busier than December for us, but December is a very close second!

  2. Busy busy! Love all the concerts. So sad your niece is moving.

    1. We miss her so much already and it hasn't even been two weeks!

  3. May is always so busy for us, too! It looks like it was a fun month, though :)

  4. WOW - and I thought we were busy over here! We officially began summer break yesterday and we did a bunch of nothing...it was glorious!!! Here's to you and your family enjoying a nice and relaxing summer together! Cheers, girlfriend! You deserve it!!!

    1. We're going to have a few days where we do a bunch of nothing...I INSIST!

  5. You know I never really stopped to think just how busy the month of May really is, especially with school coming to an end and gearing up for Summer! Whew, hope you guys catch a break and some down time this Summer.

  6. Oh wow, you were definitely busy in May!! I'm glad that June will be a little less hectic when school gets out and the activities end. I actually have my own dance recital this Thursday so I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited. haha
    I love that your parents rotate which kid spends the night - at least that's what it seems like! It's a good way for them to get one-on-one time with them.


  7. Loved seeing your days in May! You are such a great mom for balancing this all!


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