Our Five Ring Circus: The Kids Behind The Blog: September Edition

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Kids Behind The Blog: September Edition

The Kids Behind The Blog

It's time for another monthly edition of The Kids Behind The Blog! I can hardly believe it! I mean, didn't I JUST post the August edition?

The reality is that so much has changed since I posted last month's interview. Liam turned 4, Dylan started 7th Grade at a new school, Lexie started 5th Grade at a new school, Lily started first grade which means she is in school all day, Liam returned to preschool, and Lexie started soccer. And this mama is struggling to juggle it all!

I'm taking a break from our usual everyday chaos to share their amusing answers to our monthly interview with you!

How is school going so far? Tell me something you have learned. 

DYLAN: "Good." Can you expand on that? "Pretty good." What do you like about it? "The day is shorter." What don't you like about it? "That we get a lot of homework." Tell me something you have learned. "Learned already? In what class?!? I'm learning about gasses, liquids and solids."

Mom Thoughts: Getting information from him is rough!

LEXIE: "So school is going good, because I have two great teachers! I learned how to write a professional paragraph, and I also learned how to divide with decimals."

Mom Thoughts: Nerds rule the world!

LILY: "It's going really good! Mom, I only had the clip down one time. Not today. But on the third day of school. Actually second or third. Okay?" What have  you learned? "I learned about 10 minus 3 is 7. That's what it was!"

Mom Thoughts: Lily came home from school yesterday, sat down next to me and talked...for 55 minutes straight. And the clips are the behavior chart. She ends up on Great Day or Outstanding every day!

LIAM: "Good!" What have you learned? "Draw!"

Mom Thoughts: He loves school. And I'm just impressed he said draw!

The Kids Behind The Blog

Have you made any new friends yet?

DYLAN: "Yes." Who? "Do I have to answer who? Seriously?!?"

Mom Thoughts: My bad.

LEXIE: "Yes! I made a friend, and her name is Lexie, too! And also Ella!"

Mom Thoughts: Lexie was in her class last year, but this year they really started to talk. And Ella is on her bus and soccer team.

LILY: "Yeah, I made like...wait, let me think...1...2...3...4...5...6...um...7...8...9...NINE friends. I made nine friends! One does cheer and one loves Halloween. One is Avery and then Alex...Audrey, Addie, Addison, and Jillian. And Michael!"

Mom Thoughts: Apparently she likes to give me ALL THE DETAILS.

LIAM: "Yeah." Who? "Kareem. Dolly."

Mom Thoughts: He better never stop calling Kareem "Kweem!"

The Kids Behind The Blog

What is your favorite thing to do after school?

DYLAN: "Hang out with my little brother, Liam!"

Mom Thoughts: He is going to be an amazing dad one day!

LEXIE: "Lay down on the couch and watch TV or read a book."

Mom Thoughts: She NEVER does this! Literally never."

LILY: "My favorite thing is grab my homework, grab some cookies, put my lunch on the counter, get my iced tea from the morning, and do my homework!" 

Mom Thoughts: This is 100% accurate. And it's usually followed by an "I LOVE homework!"

LIAM: "I go outside. Outside?"

Mom Thoughts: All he ever wants to do is play outside!

The Kids Behind The Blog

What is your favorite TV show right now?

DYLAN: "Fear The Walking Dead."

Mom Thoughts: His days of watching cartoons are long gone!

LEXIE: "Spongebob! It always is!"

Mom Thoughts: Fact.

LILY: "My favorite TV show is Jessie!" 

Mom Thoughts: She has watched every episode on Netflix multiple times!

LIAM: "Elmo."

Mom Thoughts: Liam doesn't watch TV. At all. His answer was prompted by Lexie!

Down syndrome

Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.

DYLAN: "Yes. A fish and a rabbit. The fish really doesn't do anything except swim. The bunny is fuzzy and fun to play with. The bunny is Arctic and the fish is Skirt."

Mom Thoughts: He bought the fish with his own money, and takes care of it on his own, so I had NO say in the name!

LEXIE: "Yeah! Bernie Sanders. And my Spongebob hermit crab. Named Spongebob!"

Mom Thoughts: Yes, she has a bunny named Bernie Sanders.

LILY: "Yes! Four bunnies. One is a baby and black and little! Two are girls and two are boys. Oh, yeah, the hermit crabs! We have FOUR!"

Mom Thoughts: Apparently 4 is the magic number!

LIAM: "Hop Hops! Wabs!"

Mom Thoughts: Translation: Bunnies and crabs.

Yet another entertaining edition of The Kids Behind The Blog! Stay tuned for next month's interview!

The Kids Behind The Blog Monthly Interview and Photos.

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  1. oh my goodness, the wabs, so dang cute. I just love seeing how the different ages answer with these prompts.

  2. Best answer of them all "Hop Hops & Wabs"... Those kids are adorable!

  3. I love them so much. I don't look forward to the days of pulling teeth for info, but his love for Liam melts my heart. And Lily is so me as a child.

  4. Oh my goodness I think I love Lily. She and Emily would be TROUBLE together. So many giggles. I think of all the answers, I will miss reading your crews the most.

  5. I love the details in the answers from the girls! And Liam's answers are so cute.

  6. Awe, I always love reading these!


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