Our Five Ring Circus: Sensory Play: Jellyfish in a Jar Sensory Bottle

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sensory Play: Jellyfish in a Jar Sensory Bottle

Sensory Play - Jellyfish in a Jar Sensory Bottle

Sensory Play is all the rage these days! Sensory activities are great for children of ALL abilities, but it's a big part of our lives now that we have a child who has special needs. We quickly learned that activities that benefit Liam so much also benefit our other children!

A few years ago, my mom shared this sensory bottle activity with me. I put it off for so long, but finally tackled the project with my kids last Summer. It was so easy to do, and it was an instant hit! I originally shared this sensory activity in my Camp Mom activities posts last Summer, but I knew it was perfect for this month's A Year Of Color theme!

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Jellyfish in a Jar Sensory Bottle

Jellyfish in a Jar Sensory Bottle


  • Empty Water Bottle with the label removed (I like Voss water bottles)
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Scissors and Thread
  • Clear Bread Storage Bags 


  1.  Fill the empty water bottle with water. 
  2. Add a drop of blue food coloring and shake to disperse.
  3. Grab the sandwich bag and make a jellyfish head by bunching the closed end together. (It should look like a ghost.) 
  4. Tie a thread loosely around the "neck." The hole needs to remain slightly open right now so you can fill it with a little bit of water and air.
  5. Make tentacles by trimming the end of the bag with the scissors. You can also trim the bottom a bit so it fits inside the water bottle.
  6. Fill the head half full with water, blow in some air and close the hole tightly with the thread.
  7. Drop your jellyfish into the water bottle, seal the lid tightly and watch it float around as you flip and turn the bottle.

The end result is really cool! My kids love moving the sensory bottle around and watching the jellyfish float. It truly is a mesmerizing sensory activity!

sensory bottle - jellyfish in a jar

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