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Raising Readers: Up Close and Personal With Favorite Children's Authors & Illustrators #WordsAndPictures


DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures but all opinions are my own.

As a parent, I work hard to instill good reading habits in my kids. I have always been a bookworm, so I made sure that reading became part of our daily routine as soon as my first child came home from the hospital after his birth. I lead by example, and I encourage all four of my kids to read as much as possible! 

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

Although reading each day is the most important way to foster a love of books, there are other ways to establish this healthy, lifelong habit. Attending story time at our local library, going to events at book stores and shopping for favorite books at book fairs are all ways in which we celebrate our love of reading!

Last weekend, my kids had a very unique experience at the beautiful Carnegie Library Lecture Hall in Pittsburgh. They had the chance to get up close and personal with one of their favorite authors: Dav Pilkey, who is the author of the bestselling Captain Underpants and Dog Man series! The event kicked off the Words & Pictures series presented by Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures.

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

The Words & Pictures series showcases acclaimed children’s authors and illustrators to readers of all ages. When I told my kids where we were going last Sunday, my girls were thrilled, and even my way too cool (almost) teenager seemed excited to hear one of his favorite authors speak!

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

As soon as we walked into the lecture hall, it was immediately evident that Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures is very passionate about encouraging kids to read! Each of my kids was given a Captain Underpants cape and a Dog Man comic creator book before we even took our seats. They were even more excited about their signed copies of Dav Pilkey's book, Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties! (On a personal note, my 10 year old was so excited that she immediately started reading the book, and finished it before dinner that night!)

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, because I didn't know much about Dav Pilkey other than which books he wrote and illustrated, but the excitement in the room was contagious! Within seconds of taking the stage, Dav Pilkey made sure everybody in the room was laughing. Not only were the kids highly entertained, but the adults were laughing, too. I was most impressed with how quickly he was able to draw his beloved characters!

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

After the lecture ended, there was a chance to meet Dav Pilkey and have him sign a book from our home library as well, but the wait was too long for my busy homie with an extra chromie! Liam sat so quietly and patiently during the entire lecture, but we could tell he wasn't going to be able to wait in line. Although Lexie and Lily, who are bookworms like me, were a bit disappointed, they were grateful to have their own signed copies of the book!


The Dav Pilkey lecture was an experience unlike any other. Watching my own kids react to the things he said was a special experience for me, too. I was thrilled that they had the chance to be positively influenced and inspired by a beloved author, and I know it's definitely something they won't ever forget! As a mom to four kids who live in an electronics-addicted world, I can proudly stand behind an organization that promotes reading!

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Words & Pictures Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants

Attending the Dav Pilkey lecture was such an incredible experience for my family. Although that lecture is over, there are still plenty of chances to enjoy the Words & Pictures series. If you live in or around Pittsburgh, I strongly encourage you to attend one of the lectures with your own family!

Words & Pictures presented by Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures

October 1, 2017 - Katherine Applegate

October 15, 2017 - Sherman Alexie

December 03, 2017 - Katherine Paterson      

January 21, 2018 - Nicola Yoon      

February 04, 2018 - Bryan Collier

March 11, 2018 - Melissa Sweet

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We hope to see you there! 

Raising Readers: Up Close and Personal with Favorite Children's Author's & Illustrators presented by #Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures {AD} #WordsAndPictures #Reading #Books #kidlit #captainunderpants



  1. That is such a cool experience for you and the kids!

  2. What a cool experience! I love the superpowers cape--so clever! I don't believe Lewie has had a chance to meet any of his favorite authors yet. If he did, Mary Pope Osborne would be on his list. He LOVES the Magic Tree House series. So glad you had this special day with your kids.


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