Our Five Ring Circus: The First Day of School 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The First Day of School 2017

The First Day of School 2017

We wished Summer wouldn't come to an end, but before we knew it, the first day of school had arrived! Dylan, Lexie and Lily have been back in school for almost two weeks, and Liam's first day was yesterday. This year, we have a 7th Grader, 5th Grader, 1st Grader and preschooler, and this mama can't figure out HOW her kids grew up so fast!


This year brought so many changes for Dylan, Lexie and Lily. Surprisingly, they adjusted well to all the changes. I can't honestly say that I love our new normal, but it's a work in progress!

Dylan started 7th Grade this year, which just seems crazy to even say. We both have to wake up over a full hour earlier than everyone else, while it's still dark outside. My alarm goes off at 6, his alarm goes off at 6:15, and he's on the bus by 6:40. He hasn't complained, and seems to like the independence of middle school, and all of his teachers and classes!

DSC_0007 (1)

Lexie started 5th Grade, and she moved to a new building. In our district, the 5th and 6th graders get moved into a larger school that is run very much like a mini-middle school. I personally feel like it forces our kids to grow up too quickly, but it is what it is. Lexie loves school, though, and she loves her teachers this year, so that definitely helps!


My sweet Lily started 1st Grade, so she is officially in school all day long. I'm not going to lie. I miss the afternoons we spent together! That transition was tough for the first few days for Dylan and Lexie at that age, but it hasn't even fazed Lily. Even though she's the youngest in her class again, she adjusted beautifully!


{Lily's Outfit - The Hair Bow Company}

Liam is the only one who didn't experience many changes! His routine for Pre-K is nearly identical to his first year of preschool. He is attending the same preschool, is in the same classroom, has the same schedule, and has the same assistant teacher and therapists. His amazing teacher moved to another school, unfortunately, so he has a new teacher this year, and a few new classmates.  He has a year of hard work ahead of him preparing for Kindergarten next Fall! (Hold me!)


{Liam's Outfit - Babies R Us}

As for me, my days are chaotic! I wake up at 6, wake Dylan up at 6:15, watch him get on the bus at 6:40, work for a half hour, wake the girls up at 7:15, take them to the bus stop around 7:55, work for another half hour, get ready for the day, then work until Liam wakes up. After he plays for a bit, we go for a run and tackle necessary errands or appointments. Liam starts school at 12:30, so I have to drive him. Since he just started yesterday, today will be the first day in my entire (almost) 13 years of parenthood that I will be without a child in the afternoon. It's definitely strange! I plan on working as much as possible while he is at school!

Dylan gets home from school at 2:45, just as I have to leave to pick Liam up from preschool. A half hour after we arrive home, the bus drops the girls off. Then we are thrown into a flurry of homework, studying, packing lunches, choosing clothes for the next day, and going to activities. I am EXHAUSTED. I still can't fall asleep until 1 AM, then naturally wake up at 5:30 each morning. A wave of exhaustion hits around 1 PM, but I can't do anything about it!

Our new normal is exhausting and busy, but everybody seems to be adjusting well so far! The kids were blessed with great teachers this year, and every parent knows that makes all the difference. We are officially 9 days into the school year, and I'm already drowning in paperwork and desperately trying to juggle 5 busy schedules!


The first day of school was on Thursday, August 24th. It was a week earlier than when they usually start, and earlier than many of the surrounding school districts. The only perk is school ending in May, as long as they don't have snow days to make up!

Our back to school traditions are the same every year! I always decorate the living room with a back to school banner and a first day of school wreath, so they wake up to a festive morning. We usually have donuts for breakfast, which is their favorite special treat, and a favorite dinner. And we always do a mini photoshoot on the first day of school! I take pictures of them holding their Back To School chalkboards just before they get on the bus, then take a few more pictures when they get home.

Here is a glimpse of Dylan, Lexie, Lily and Liam's first day of school:

AGE: 12
SCHOOL: Middle School
TEACHER(S): Too many to list!
FAVORITE SUBJECT: Social Studies/History
SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: Basketball and Chorus

DSC_0020 (2)


DSC_0011 (1)

SCHOOL: Centennial School
TEACHER(S): Mrs. Madigan and Ms. VanIddekinge (I had to ask for help for that one!)
SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Band (flute), and Chorus




AGE: 6
SCHOOL: Primary Center
TEACHER(S): Mrs. Wright
SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: Ballet, Jazz and Acro




AGE: 4
TEACHER(S): Ms. Tracy (Bellis)
SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: Destroying the house in 5 seconds



School is off to a busy, but great start! Here's to a wonderful school year for all four of my kids!



The First Day of School Traditions & Photos

Have your kids started school yet?

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  1. I have a 7th grader and a 5th grader too! (plus a 2nd grader). I'm glad everyone is adjusting well. I really like Lexie's shirt!

  2. Oh my goodness your days! Kudos to you, I don't think I could keep it up!

  3. So cute, I can't get over how big everyone is getting! Hope they have a great day!

  4. Sweet babies! I hope they each have a wonderful school year!

  5. I am exhausted with your morning! I love that you shared it though because one kid families like mine don't really see the madness that school mornings can be. Well.. we have our share but wow!! You are busy :)

  6. You have the cutest kids. I love how you can tell that they are each so different just by their photos and wardrobe choices. Lily's outfit was ADORABLE.

  7. Okay, that apple outfit couldn't be more adorable! Love these pics!

  8. They are so precious! Hope they all loved it! <3

  9. These signs are the cutest and a MUST! So cool to have these to look back on one day!

  10. They are all so adorable!!! I love how each of their personalities shine through!

  11. They have grown up and changed so much since last school year. I love Lily's sass in her photos. Girls knows how to work it. I hope they have a great year!

  12. Time really does fly by! You're kids are so adorable mama! You're doing so good with them!

  13. Happy school days! I'm sure that was a weird feeling not having any kids in the house in the afternoon after thirteen years! That happened to me last year with Henry and Eliza when Henry went off to kindergarten and Eliza off to preschool. I came home and sat and cried for two hours! Your kids are adorable and they seem to be so well-behaved and full of ambition! Cheers, Mama!

  14. So sweet! I love that Dylan still takes these pics, Brayden better do it until he's off to college! LOL


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