Our Five Ring Circus: The Netflix Trick You Might Be Missing Out On

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Netflix Trick You Might Be Missing Out On

The Netflix Trick

DISCLOSURE:  This post is sponsored by Netflix. I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, and I receive service and promotional products in exchange for my reviews.

It's no secret that my family loves Netflix! My husband and I subscribed to Netflix before most people even knew it existed, and now it's a household name. Everybody knows what Netflix is these days!

Streaming our favorite shows and movies on Netflix is our go to. With Netflix, there is always quality programming at our fingertips, it's commercial free (which is a blessing if you have kids...trust me) and we can watch it anywhere! Grant and I realized that we were paying an extraordinary amount of money each month for cable TV that we were not even watching. See ya, cable!

So...how do we Netflix? (Yep, I totally made that a verb.) We stream our favorite movies on Netflix for our weekly Family Movie Night. (Our most recent watches were Finding Dory, Trolls and Moana. All three movies are excellent, by the way!) Grant and I have Netflix Date Nights four nights a week after we tuck our kids into bed.  We binge watch our favorite Netflix original series, which are top notch. (Is anybody else obsessed with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? The new seasons were so good! It's going to be so hard to wait another year for the next season!) And Netflix keeps my kids entertained on long road trips.

That's right, we truly can watch Netflix anywhere. Even without wifi! 


There IS a Netflix trick that many people are missing out on: Netflix downloads! 

I didn't even realize that everyone didn't know about this awesome trick until I was talking to a large group of people recently. I mentioned how excellent our kids were on a road trip, and said it was partially because they watched a few of their favorite movies on Netflix. That's when the questions started coming in...

Do we have wifi in our car? (No, we're not paying for that.)  Do we have a mobile hotspot? (Once again, no.) Everybody was so surprised to learn that Netflix offers downloads that you can watch on your device WITHOUT using wifi!

Taking advantage of this awesome service is easy! Here's how:

Launch the Netflix app on your device.


Choose your profile. (So, my husband's real name is Richard. Did I ever mention that?)


Click on your menu. (I'm not sure if it varies by device, but on our iPad, it's the three lines in the upper left corner.)


Click on My Downloads.


Click on Find More To Download. (We already chose The Secret Life of Pets and Trolls for our road trip!)


Choose from the many titles that are available for download. From the newest, most popular movies, to episodes of favorite shows, Netflix has something for everyone!


Watch your downloads ANYWHERE! (Even in the middle of the Ohio Turnpike!)


I'm not ashamed to admit that as a parent, sometimes I DO take advantage of the convenience of electronics and media. My kids are well rounded, and allowing things in moderation is perfectly fine (and sometimes necessary for my sanity). And in this case, Netflix downloads allowed us to have an incredibly peaceful 5 hour drive! That, my friends, is a gift!



How do YOU Netflix? Do you take advantage of Netflix downloads? What has your family been streaming lately?

The Netflix trick you might be missing out on. #StreamTeam


  1. I have yet to try the downloads, but I knew they were there. It is such a great idea for trips and such. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I didn't know you could do that. Does it save on your device? I'm not sure my kids have space on theirs!

  3. We use the download feature a lot! I love Netflix!

  4. SAY WHAAAAT?!?! We have been Netflix members since 2002 and I had NO CLUE that you could do this. MIND. BLOWN. I am texting this to Brian right now. I can't even believe it.

  5. P.S. We just watched Finding Dory, Trolls, and Moana on Netflix in that order as well! ;o)

  6. Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you for sharing this. You are an angel. This is a life changer. Thanks girl!!!

  7. Whhhaaat? That's awesome! I had no idea. Thank you for sharing this trick and for making road trips infinitely easier!

  8. OMG... How did I not know this?!? Im so excited to do this for our road trip in a few months. Thanks for the tip and how to.

  9. I heard about this when it was first introduced. I imagine this is a MUST for road trips!

  10. I had no idea! This is awesome! Going to download some stuff for Parker now so she doesn't have to use my wifi hotspot in the car.

  11. I honestly had no idea but you've just made my life 1000X easier! My oldest is flying soon on her own. This will totally help her pass the time! Thank you!

  12. This is pretty cool alright! So many times we are on the road with no wifi, and this is a great option.

  13. Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about that, that's a whole new world!!

  14. We totally do this while traveling! It's been a lifesaver!

  15. Next time you got to use the mSpy monitoring app, it will totally rock your world

  16. How the heck did I not know this was an option?? I am going to set this up right away!! Connor would love to watch a movie or two on on his iPad while out and about.

  17. Thank you for sharing! I have seen this option but honestly never took the time to see what it was. I will def. be using this for our upcoming trip!!

  18. Ooh! This is a good part about Netflix. The kids section is separate and they don’t get to see any bad content on it. I am watching shows by Andy Yeatman with my kids now days and they don’t have to see what is on my personal list just because of this separate section.


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