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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Kids Behind The Blog

The Kids Behind The Blog

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another edition of The Kids Behind The Blog! I ask the questions, and my kids answer candidly. And, well, kids really DO say the darndest things!

This is my absolute favorite monthly feature, because I love getting a glimpse at how they all think. Their answers always make me laugh or smile, and these interviews are a great keepsake! I'm definitely going to love reading through these when they are older!

The Kids Behind The Blog {June 2017}

Dylan (Age 12), Alexandria (Age 10), Liliana (Age 5) and Liam (Age 3)

Do parents get a summer break? 

Dylan: "Sort of, because they still have to work, but they still get to do stuff with their kids, go cool places, and go on vacation." (Mom Thoughts: Vacation is definitely awesome!)

Lexie: "No! But kind of yes, because they still get to go on vacation and go outside, but sometimes they still have to cook, and do activities with us, and set it all up. So...I'm going to have to say no." (Mom Thoughts: I love this kid.)

Lily: "Well, parents can get a Summer Break, but not that much because they still need to work and stuff, but they can still hang out with their kids a lot." (Mom Thoughts: We do need to work and stuff.)

Liam: "I love you. I love you." (Mom Thoughts: Okay, then. I love you, too!)


If you could change your name what would you change it to? 

Dylan: "I would say Christopher. I guess." (Mom Thoughts: I am truly surprised! Christopher?!? That's Lily's rabbit's name!)

Lexie: "So I like the two names Shay and Maddie. Either of those two!" (Mom Thoughts: I predict Lexie will have a Shay or a Maddie if she has a daughter! I picked out her name when I was a kid!)

Lily: "Let me think. I would say Emily!" (Mom Thoughts: I thought it would be Elsa!)

Liam: "Tickle, tickle, tickle! LILY! Me!" *Reaches over to tickle my cheek.* (Mom Thoughts: I hope he never stops saying ticka ticka ticka!)


How much do you grow in the summertime? 

Dylan: "Like tall? Height-wise? I don't know. 2, 3, 4 inches." (Mom Thoughts: If that's the case, I will definitely have to buy him new pants before he goes back to school!)

Lexie: "I guess I don't really grow in the Summer. Because if you are outside playing, you get some energy and blow off some steam, so you would lose weight if you are playing all day!" (Mom Thoughts: Makes sense! If only that worked for me...)

Lily: "Mom, I don't know. I don't know those things!" *Sighs and puts hands on her hips.* (Mom Thoughts: Her teenage years are going to be ROUGH.)

Liam: "Nigh-Night! Tickle Tickle Tickle. Mama, night-night. Said night-night. Bye Bye. See you soon!" (Mom Thoughts: OBVIOUSLY he's done with the interview.)


Would you rather go to the beach or to Disney World? 

Dylan: "The beach! In Disney World you can go on a bunch of rides, but at the beach you get to swim in the ocean and walk on the boardwalk!"

Lexie: "THE Beach! Because at the beach you get to swim, have fun with your family and stay at a nice hotel. I really like the beach instead of Disney World."

Lily: "I would say beach! Because it's all fun and stuff!"

(MOM THOUGHTS: A) I'm glad we didn't plan a trip to Disney World. B) It's a good thing we're going to the beach this Summer!)

Liam: "Go outside!" (Mom Thoughts: He has a one track mind!)

Down Syndrome Awareness

What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Least favorite? 

Dylan: "Vanilla. By far. Blueberry is my least favorite." (Mom Thoughts: Have you ever even had blueberry ice cream?!?)

Lexie: "Vanilla! I love it! Oh, it would have to be strawberry. I hate it." (Mom Thoughts: Not surprising. She hates all things strawberry and watermelon!)

Lily: "Oooo, I'm going to say...strawberry! I have no idea! I like it all!" (Mom Thoughts: Good answer, Lily, good answer.)

Liam: "Eat. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. Yeah yeah yeah. Ha!" *Signs eat over and over again.* (Mom Thoughts: Oops. Should have never said the word eat.)

Big Family

There you have it! My chaos in a nutshell. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

The Kids Behind The Blog June Interview

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  1. Good thing you guys always go to the beach. Sounds like your kids would be disappointed if you went to Disney. Ha ha!! Love their answers. So many are similar, but you can see their personalities through how they answer.

  2. This is TOO FUNNY. Your kids are such cuties! :)

  3. I'm with Liam. Don't talk food with me unless you have some to give me right then.

  4. Hahah! Oh they make me smile so much. I couldn't help but smile ear to ear over the Emily comment too. Theyd be the silliest of friends.

  5. Gosh I love this!! So adorable! I, too, had my daughters name picked out as a kid. :-) That is awesome about them wanting the beach! Our favorite place to hang! Have a great day!
    Mama Hen

  6. I love Lexi's answer to if you grow over the summer LOL!!! So fun!

  7. What beautiful pictures of the kiddos!! Such a variety of answers

  8. I love the answers!! When my oldest said chocolate my youngest (almost 2) started signing and saying eat too...

  9. haha, you're kids are so cute, and I just love your "mom thoughts" they crack me up. Your kids are great.

  10. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.


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