Our Five Ring Circus: Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you and yours had a fantastically fun and spooky day!


We had a wonderful Halloween! The kids woke up to their special Halloween breakfast. This year's breakfast was their favorite! We had Vampire Teeth Donuts, Cutie Pumpkins and Orange Juice. Our school mornings are so rushed that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Dylan, Lexie and Lily before they ran out the door, but Liam had the chance to enjoy his breakfast!


Lily had her class Halloween Party this morning. She was so exhausted after the party that she napped for over 2 hours. My parents dropped off treat bags for the kids but only Liam was awake to visit with them!

After Dylan and Lexie came home from school we gathered up all the costumes then headed to Grant's mom's house for dinner. We always go Trick or Treating in Grant's hometown, and this year, Grant's mom offered to make us dinner to save us some time. SOLD!!!

The weather this year was great! It wasn't warm (of course it was really warm on Saturday and will be really warm again the next two days) but it didn't rain for the first time since 2011!!!  It's amazing what a difference nice weather makes. My kids were so excited to go Trick or Treating!

This was the year that everything changed. Dylan, who is only just over a year away from becoming a teenager, decided that he wanted to go Trick or Treating with his friends this year. It was a bummer for me but we've officially reached that phase in our lives.  I convinced him to let me take a few pictures of him in his Joker costume before we left. Dylan did the hair and makeup all by himself and he was pretty proud of his costume!


I snapped a few pictures, then we had to reluctantly let him go.


I drove Dylan to his friend's house then battled the traffic to get back to Grant's mom's house in time to have a mini photo session before Trick or Treating began.  I somehow managed and for once we were able to take our pictures outdoors!

Lexie decided to be Dorothy this year and she looked so beautiful and so grown up!


Lily ended up choosing an Ariel costume. That wig lasted, oh, about 2 minutes!


Liam was a fox and he was anti-hood unless he was sleeping!


And Grant and I dressed up as Luke and Lorelai in honor of the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix! Grant is pretty much Luke's doppelganger so it wasn't much of a stretch for him. 25 days, people, 25 days! I am unbelievably excited!


I'm not going to lie. It was a great night for Trick or Treating, but it just wasn't the same without Dylan. It felt like we were missing a piece of us. This growing up thing is not much fun!


Liam and the girls lasted a little over an hour. It was chilly but they did their best!

Our favorite stop of the night is at a house that goes all out and turns their yard into a cemetery. They have people in costume wondering around trying to scare the kids. Lexie refused to go over and stood on the opposite side of the street while Lily and Liam bravely went over on their own. They tried to scare the kids, but Lily stared them down and told them, "I'm not afraid of you" and Liam promptly walked over and hugged the werewolf who was chasing after him. They both got extra candy for that one! Lexie, on the other hand, traded insults with the Wicked Witch who was at that house. She shouted "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog, too" across the street and Lexie shouted back that she would have to chase her down the street! Never a dull moment with my little crew!


Liam ended up falling asleep and the girls were cold so we decided to head back to Grant's mom's house!


We visited Grant's mom until Dylan got dropped off, then attempted a group picture. Liam had other plans...


The little fox finally woke up and decided to inspect the candy stash!


Although we may not have been all together for Trick or Treating, it was a great Halloween for my entire crew!


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  1. Dylan's costume is awesome!! He did such a great job. Everyone else looks so great too. Liam passed out cracks me up. Sweet boy!! Glad y'all had a great time.

  2. I bet letting Dylan go was a wee bit hard eh? I can totally see it being that way. Things I don't look forward to, but I know they are coming. We had weather in the 70's THE 70's!!!! What in the world is going on around here. Clearly Missouri is not having fall this year. Y'all look amazing and it sounds like you had a great time.

  3. LOL at Liam sleeping! All of your costumes are great, but my favorite is Grant as Luke!

  4. Okay your kiddos looked adorable!! The kids growing up really get you in the feels, doesn't it? We were just talking last night about how many more years we had till the kids wouldn't want to ride around with us in the trailer and would rather just go off with their friends. Makes me very, very sad.

    We had really great weather last night, too and everyone had a blast!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. It is a bummer when the big kids go off on their own! My two oldest girls have started going with friends. So, this year it was just me and Stella. It was way too calm! lol

  6. So cute, love everyone's costumes! And oh the candy..

  7. You guys are all sooo cute! Grant looks like he could be Luke's brother! I totally feel like Liam today. What does a fox say? Zzzzzz! Halloween is exhausting.

  8. Okay I was going to comment on how cute your kids' costumes are, but then I saw your and your husband's costumes and about died!! AMAZING!! LOVE me some Gilmore Girls!

  9. So much fun!! Dylan's costume was amazing! He did such a great job on his makeup! And look at you guys in your big jackets!! Girl, it was 86 degrees down here. What is going on with our weather in Georgia this year?!

  10. So fun that you start Halloween with a breakfast. What a fun way to get the day going. LOVING all your costumes!! And, I'm not looking forward to the day when my kids are too old to trick or treat without us.

  11. Liam cracks me up! When he's out, he's out. I wish my kids could sleep anywhere like that. haha! Everyone's costumes looked great! So did you & Luke...I mean Grant. ;)

  12. Oh my gosh! I just love how Liam hugged the werewolf and how Lexie gave it back to the wicked witch! That must have been so funny to hear and watch. Oh and yay for nice weather! The last time I remember such beautiful weather was when my Henry was itty bitty...like you said in 2011! Finally, eh?!

  13. Well Halloween sure tired someone out! And letting your oldest go out on his own, I'm sure that was hard. I was just talking to a friend who has older kids and she said that first year was the hardest, and I'm sitting here hoping the next few years go by super slow ;)

  14. Oh these are all great! Grant looks so much like Luke.

  15. Luke & Lorelai is THE BEST couple costume! Love it! (Totally beat out the Danny & Sandy from Grease to came to our door Halloween night).....


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