Our Five Ring Circus: A Picture Perfect Fall Beginning

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Picture Perfect Fall Beginning

As a mom, a blogger and a photography enthusiast, I take a LOT of pictures! Only a tiny percentage of those pictures actually make it to my blog or Instagram. One of my favorite ways to document life with my family and share my favorite pictures is to write a photo recap of each month that goes by!

As Summer eased its way into Fall, we were blessed with the most amazing weather! We tried our best to enjoy it, but September was just a series of tiny moments captured between the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With 4 kids in school, Liam's round of yearly appointments and all of our activities beginning, we barely had the chance to breathe! But once you strip away all the chaos, it was actually a really fun and exciting month!


Why not start the recap with a bit of love?

{Shirt - Trendy Bubs

Lily had an incredibly easy transition into Kindergarten, while I struggled with sending my sweet baby to preschool.

Family Photos

Friday night visits with our horse, Cherokee, continued to be our thing.


On weekends, Grant's music filled our home. I'm so glad he decided to get back into playing guitar because he's actually very good!


Lexie's lifelong dream came true and Arctic and Fluffy (whose name is now Bernie) joined our family!


We enjoyed a long weekend and celebrated Labor Day by picnicking with Grant's family.


Meanwhile, Dylan drooled over Uncle Scott's new car, which is identical to the first car he owned.


The moment I had been dreading for months finally arrived: Liam's first day of preschool!


The next day, Liam had his yearly eye exam and passed with flying colors! That's always a relief!


Separation anxiety kicked in for the first time with Liam and he decided that he didn't want to leave me to go to school. My heart broke as I left him crying in the preschool classroom. (Thankfully his anxiety only lasted a week!)


The girls started their first day of dance! Lexie started hip hop and Lily started tap, ballet, jazz and acro.


The only sadness that September contained was the realization that my sweet, elderly horse was declining. My heart broke but I was determined to soak up all the moments with him that I possibly could.

Horse Stable

Grant and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary (we got married really young) by escaping from our kiddos for a few hours. We went out to dinner and watched Bad Moms in a completely empty movie theater!

Wedding Day

We were really looking forward to our local community days and fireworks display and we almost missed them. We didn't quite make it to where we intended to go, but we did manage to watch the fireworks from on top of a hill, in a nearby housing development, as a storm rolled in!


Liam had his first official visit to the dentist (everything looks great), the girls had well checks and picnics in the back of our SUV became our new norm.

Life with kids

We battled head lice for the first time ever. I would have never known other than the fact that I'm apparently highly allergic to head lice. I will spare you the picture and the hellish details. YAY, back to school!

The 9 year old hormones kicked in. Woohoo!


I spent some time with two tomboy princesses! Climbing trees barefoot and sneakers with tutus, oh my!


Let's not forget the return of all the Steelers gear as soon as football returned!


We all fell in love with the bunnies...except for Liam, who only loved them when they weren't touching him!


Every so often, there was time for an after school cuddle.  Those moments were hard to come by!


We thoroughly enjoyed the last official day of Summer by spending hours outdoors!


We welcomed in a very hot first day of Fall!


Liam rocked his brand rep gig.

{Outfit - Trendy Bubs

My mom came to the stable with us and rescued a sickly barn kitten. My girls were thrilled because it was their favorite kitten at the stable and refused to leave my parent's house that evening!  (Just for the record, the kitten is doing amazing after receiving veterinary care!)


Every so often, we were able to enjoy a lazy weekend morning or afternoon but our weekend evenings were always busy.


We enjoyed a brief teaser of Fall weather.


Dylan decided to join orchestra. Our home is now filled with the sounds of the guitar, trumpet and violin!


Liam had his yearly visit at the Down Syndrome Clinic. He's doing amazing!

The Lucky Few

We started to enjoy the cooler Fall evenings outside while we waited for Grant to come home from the office. We have to take full advantage of the beautiful weather before the cold weather arrives!


The boys continued to bond.


All four kids pretended to get along. (HA!)


Lily attempted to catnap my parent's kitten.


We spent a stormy Friday evening at the stable.

Horse Stable

And what better way to end the month of September than with a double rainbow in between storms?


Although it was incredibly busy, September was a great month. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Summer, but Fall got off to a picture perfect start! 

A Picture Perfect Fall Beginning

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  1. That sister, rainbow photo. Oh goodness it is just the sweetest. You do an amazing job documenting life in photos.

  2. I love this post! Great photos. Dave and I have been married almost 16 years too!

  3. Love this recap and pictures to go along. ;)

  4. I love these photos!!!!! You take the sweetest ones!

  5. I always love your picture recaps! I need to do a cutting room floor picture post... I take about 2k per month (at least) so the majority of what I take never sees the light of day either!

  6. What an amazing month!! I loved looking at all these pictures!!

  7. That Liam is just full of personality!! His facial expressions are the best!


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