Our Five Ring Circus: Rockin' It Toddler Style

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rockin' It Toddler Style

I don't talk about negative things very much, but shortly after Liam was born, there was an incident with a nurse in the hospital.  Every single nurse was amazing during our stay with the exception of  one.

Now, to be fair, I don't know her version of the story.  Perhaps she was exhausted because it was the middle of the night or maybe she was having a bad day. Or maybe she was one of those people who didn't think parents should have more than 2 children or bring a child with Down syndrome into the world (just for the record, it was undetected).   I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, and the truth is, I will never know.

But what I do know is that she roughly swaddled my child and practically tossed him to me like he was a piece of garbage.  And even though I was still reeling from the shock of his suspected diagnosis, this mama bear was MAD.

I vowed at that very moment that I wouldn't let anyone treat my baby like that again.  I wanted to make sure that people saw Liam BEFORE they noticed his "disability."

I quickly learned that Liam didn't need my help.  His charm and his huge smile did all the work! And Liam can rock a bow tie and floppy hair like no other! (Did you know that extra chromosome also causes extra awesome hair that grows super fast?  He literally needs a hair cut every 2 weeks!)

That extra chromosome is nothing to fear.  It just makes him extra cute and extra awesome! This kid rocks his "designer genes" each and every day!


{Shirt-No Retreat from Babies R Us / Suspender Jeans-Koala Kids from Babies R Us / Bow Tie from Lolly Lu Designs AKA his first brand rep gig} 


{Shirt-Littlest Warrior Apparel / Jeans-Genuine Kids by OshKosh at Target / Shoes-Converse


{Shirt-Old Navy (part of a pants set) / Pants-Old Navy / Moccs-Olly Oaks}

I Wake Up Awesome

{Shirt-Carter's / Jeans-Cherokee at Target / Suspenders-Target Dollar Spot}


{Jeans-Koala Kids at Babies R Us / Moccs-Olly Oaks / Leather Jacket-Koala Baby at Babies R Us (3-6 months and he's just now starting to grow out of it!) / Bandana Bib-Anchored Arrow} 

People always say that it's so much fun to shop for a girl.  I completely agree, but it is every bit as much fun to shop for a boy! And every bit as dangerous to my bank account!   I received many of Liam's shirts, shoes, and accessories from his brand rep gigs, but there are just SO many awesome companies on Instagram and Etsy!

The clothes are definitely cute, but Liam can rock anything! When all else fails, a diaper, a hat, and a big smile is a winning combination!


Where are your favorite places to shop for your child?  Share in the comments below! XOXO



  1. Seriously girl, could he be any cuter. My mama beat just came out and I'm not Liam's mom. I agree that who knows what was going on with that nurse, but that really bothers me. I'm so sorry you dealt with that. But he's pretty amazing, so he's more than made up for that nurse's attitude. I love all of his clothes so much. He definitely rocks being a toddler with some extra cuteness.

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! XOXO I was getting irritated again as I was typing it and it has been 2 1/2 years. I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt, though. I have no idea what her story was!

  2. He's rockin' it for sure and I must say, shame on that nurse...if you're going to be a nurse in labor and delivery - you best be treating everyone as if they're the most awesome people around, because, "Hello? Childbirth?" Yeah, OUCH, no matter how the baby is welcomed into this world. Anyhoo...that just makes me sooo mad. Like I said, boyfriend is rockin' it and I always, ALWAYS see his smile first. :)

  3. I can only aspire to dress James as cute as you dress Liam. I can't wait to order him some moccasins, bow ties and bandanas!

  4. Love this post! He is absolutely perfect! I can see his fun personality through your pictures. He seems like a sweetheart!

  5. Oh that first part just broke my heart! But Liam just exudes happiness! What a wonderful and sweet boy to have in your lives!

  6. That makes me upset and indignant on your behalf, no one has the right to treat a baby in such a way, especially someone in a caregiver capacity. I think all your babes are Best Dressed contenders! You have got some stylish littles!!!

  7. I hate to hear that happened to you. I would have been furious as well.

    And as always, Liam just looks like the happiest and sweetest boy on the whole block! He really does have the best smile!


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