Our Five Ring Circus: Hello, Friday!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello, Friday!

Happy Friday and a very happy (rainy) Earth Day!!!


Even though it's raining, I am so happy it's Friday. I am so ready for the weekend! I stayed up working until 2 AM, so my Friday Favorites are going up late today. But hey, better late than never!!!

{Ulta Lip Gloss}

My best friend knows me so well. A makeup bag filled with Ulta Lip Gloss was the perfect gift for me!


{Favorite April Picture}

My favorite picture so far this month is the one below!  The girls were arguing, so I pulled out the "STOP FIGHTING" shirt.  (You can read more HERE.) The expressions on their faces are the BEST!


{Activities for Kids}

I've been pinning a lot to my Activities for Kids Board for a summer project.  I'll be sharing that project next month! 

{Popatu Dress}

Lily found the cutest dress during a recent Costco shopping trip!  It was so cute that a second one just might have jumped into the cart! 



{Fun On The Go}

I get so many fun items from the Target Dollar Spot.  These roll up chalkboard mats were a recent find!  I don't think they have them anymore, but I did spot some on Amazon. I keep them in our "On The Go Bag" in our car!


{Summer Weather}

The weather has been AMAZING in Pittsburgh. It really does feel like summer!!! 


{Morning Favorites}

I mentioned last week that I am NOT a morning person.  The only way to get through it is with cute mugs and strong hot tea! Tazo Awake English Breakfast is my favorite. I found this adorable travel mug at TJ Maxx. They always have the best mug collection! 

Somebody just posted a meme in a Facebook group that I belong to that says "Maybe she's born with it...maybe it's caffeine." Oh.  It's most certainly caffeine.


{Childhood Dreams}

 This week, Lily decided she wants to be a fairy.  Or Elsa.  Or a YouTuber.  I decided that she's destined to be on stage someday. One of our kids has to continue where Grant and I left off!


{Favorite Snaps}

I take a LOT of pictures. Maybe someday, when I actually have extra time, I'll actually turn it into a side job.  (Extra time?  What's that?)  My favorite shot from the week is a picture of my 11 year old.  He's in full tween angst mode.  He goes from being the sweetest boy ever to rolling his eyes at me and my heart can't take it.  I was trying to sneak a picture of him, since he hates to be on camera these days, and he glanced up at me and flashed me his sweet smile.  And there he was.  A glimpse of that sweet little boy that I remember so well.

Tween life. ❤  I adore this kid, but I'm not going to lie...11 is an incredibly frustrating age! I love when I catch glimpses of my sweet boy inside all that tween angst!

AND now that I'm crying, I'm going to step away and get to work on 10 loads of laundry (I wish I was kidding).  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

What do you have planned for the weekend?


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  1. Love your pictures! I can't wait to read your post on kids activities. I've just started gathering some on pinterest for the summer, too. And, I really want to steal your bestie, because I would love a bag full of lip gloss! Fun!

    1. The bag full of lip gloss was the best!
      Thank you! I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I love that sweet picture of your son. Oh that sweet boy is certainly still there! I also love your "stop fighting" shirt. The expression on your girls' faces are priceless. It's so rare to see any of your family members without a smile. I hope you're enjoying this beautiful spring weekend!

  3. That picture of Dylan REALLY tugged at my heart strings. I know that all too soon Jacob will be doing the same thing and I'm just not ready for it!

  4. Costco for the win! I love that dress. So fun and girly. A whole bag of lipgloss is a dream come true for me too. I may or may not have a slight lipgloss addiction :P. Happy Monday friend.

    1. I love Costco! My bank account, however, does not!
      I am with you on the lipgloss addiction. ;) Have a good night!


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