Our Five Ring Circus: My Birthday Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

My Birthday Weekend

Well, it's official. I'm another year older!  

Birthdays aren't really a big deal anymore. I just want to spend my day with those I love most, and that's exactly what I did!


Backing up to the end of the week...we went to Lexie's Third Grade Open House.  Lexie loves school and is such a great student. She's an amazing kid and we are very proud of her!


Our entire family went to her Open House that night. Dylan and Lily spotted lots of friends and kept running off.  And Liam ends up making friends everywhere he goes!  


Lexie was so excited for us to watch her presentation on Ireland and give us the tour of her school!

Lexie Open House

On Friday, after all the usual stuff, we went over to my parent's house for dinner.  The kids love visiting their Nina and Papa every week!

He's my entertainment! ❤ #nothingdownaboutit

Saturday was my birthday.  I told Grant that I just wanted to get a good night's sleep, because I barely sleep during the week.  I ended up sleeping in until nearly noon and it was LOVELY! 

When I woke up, Lexie made me hot tea and an english muffin and Grant gave me a new laptop.  Lily sat out a few little gifts for me, including a dollar (which I will NEVER spend).  Fake candlelight, a unicorn "party guest" and a lemon donut were also involved in my birthday celebration.


And of course there was entertainment! 

Special Delivery

That evening, my parents came over to watch the kids so Grant and I could go out on a rare date! We did some shopping and ate dinner at Olive Garden.  It was so nice to go out with just my husband!


We returned home with a cookie dough blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It was every bit as delicious as it sounds!


After we had cake, the kids wanted to give me the gifts they bought for me.  Each of them had something special to give me!

Liam gave me Peanut Butter Cup Oreos!


Lily gave me an LED reading light. It will be perfect for all those nights when Grant falls asleep before me!


Lexie was so excited about the sparkly boot socks she bought for me!


Dylan bought me a new shirt!


Grant spoiled me with the new laptop and the gifts from Dylan, Lexie, Lily and Liam were an incredibly sweet bonus!

We spent a few hours together as a family, then the kids headed to bed. Grant and I ended the night watching Netflix. It wasn't an extravagant birthday, but it was perfect. I spent the day with those I love most!

Oh, and did I mention that after weeks of beautiful Spring weather, it snowed on the evening of my birthday? The weather was insane. It started with rain blowing sideways, then quickly changed into swirling snow, then thunder and lightening was involved, and by midnight, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground!  Completely crazy and it was gone by this afternoon!

Today, it was back to business as usual.  Lily and I spent a few hours alone together because I had to take her to her friend's birthday party!


Even though we HAVE a horse, she was really excited to ride a pony!


She was just as excited to feed the farm animals.  She definitely loves animals. She reminds me so much of myself as a child.


Lily had a great time with her friends and I had a great afternoon with my sweet girl!  All she talked about on the way home was going to visit her horse soon and she was asleep before we made it to our house.

After we got home, Grant and the two older kids went to a friend's house. I had a bunch of stuff to do around the house, and I managed to get a lot done while they were gone and Liam napped. 

Tonight, we watched The Walking Dead season finale with the rest of the world. That show gives me so much anxiety. I was thoroughly prepared to be angry over the death of a cast member and instead, I ended up angry over the cliff-hanger.  COME ON!!!

Despite the frustration at the very end, it was a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad I got to spend it with my sweet family!

What did you do this weekend?  



  1. Happy birthday Stefanie! You and Grant still look like teenagers; you'd never know you're both married with kids! It looks like you had a wonderful day with lots of sweet thoughtful presents. It's so meaningful when gifts come straight from the heart. Happy, happy day, Stefanie. You deserve it! (By the way, we've been getting this snowy weather too. I'm so done with it!)

    1. Thank you so much, Annette! I had such a wonderful day. That's funny that you said that about Grant and I. Strangers are always shocked to hear that we have 4 kids!
      This snow needs to go! I thought we were done with winter for good!

  2. You had such a great birthday! Such sweet gifts from your family and getting a dinner date with your hubby sounds like a winner in my book. Happy happy birthday.

  3. Cookie dough Blizzards are my fave! Our next-door neighbors actually own our local DQs so they're always bringing us free stuff. I need to request one of those cakes... I had no idea that you could get a Blizzard in the form of a cake!!

    Anyways, happy birthday again! I'm glad that you guys had the best weekend! And hooray for a date night!

    1. Our DQ just started making them! I love it so much more than their regular ice cream cake! And can I just say I am jealous of all your free treats?!?
      Thank you again for the birthday wishes!

  4. What a great birthday! They did such a fantastic job of spoiling you. Lemon donut, Mmmmm I love lemon anything. Hope you're enjoying the new laptop.

    1. Me too, my friend! The lemon donuts are DELICIOUS!
      I haven't used the laptop much yet, but I know I will!

  5. Happy birthday! What a perfect day. Sleeping in had to be SO nice. I love all the little gifts that made your day even more special. And a dinner date to top it all off? Sounds like a great birthday to me! Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Have a great week!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend and that cookie dough ice cream cake sounds amazing! Yum!

  7. What a great birthday! I love that Lily gave you a dollar. That is so precious! I like when kids catch on to the joy of giving presents. So sweet!!

    1. It was a great day!
      I loved the fact that she gave me a dollar. It was incredibly sweet!

  8. That sounds like my kind of birthday celebration- low key surrounded by loved ones! So glad you had a wonderful day! You have a horse?! So cool!

    1. Thank you! It was a great day. I like simple! XOXO
      We do have a horse. I've owned him since I was 12. He's nearly 30 now!

  9. What a great birthday weekend. You are very blessed. And Liam in his bowtie is so darling!

  10. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great one. DQ ice cream cakes are oh-so-yummy.


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