Our Five Ring Circus: Kids of ALL abilities can be Little Movers!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kids of ALL abilities can be Little Movers!

"Where is Liam?" Those words escape my mouth approximately 50 times a day.  Perhaps more.

My 27 month old is a toddler tornado.  Tiny but mighty.  Perfectly capable.  Constantly on the move (and usually giving me panic attacks). NOTHING slows him down. Not even that extra chromosome.


I can't keep up with him, but Huggies Little Movers diapers can! I just adore #MyHuggiesBaby!


When we were given the life-changing diagnosis right after Liam was born, it was easy to focus on all the things he wouldn't be able to do.

The doctor's words rang in our ears. "Approximately half of babies with Down syndrome have a heart defect." "Feeding problems are common." "Less active." "Multitude of health issues." "Expect developmental and cognitive delays." "Will not walk until age 2-4."

While we grieved the loss of the baby we expected, Liam was determined to show us everything he COULD do.

At just 24 hours old, Liam rolled to his side.  The doctors were divided.  Two thought he had Down syndrome based on a few physical characteristics while the other two said absolutely not.

Obviously, it was confirmed that Liam did have Down syndrome.  But he continued to amaze us.  He was 100% healthy. He was always happy. He rolled over completely at 3 weeks old, and when he was 6 months old, our tiny 10 lb baby was able to stand with support.  He cruised at 12 months.  He began taking independent steps just before he turned 18 months old. It took him about 5 months to string together more than 2-3 steps, but he did walk before he turned 2.

It did take a lot of work to get him moving.  Countless hours of therapy in our home.  Strategic placement of toys that engaged him. Bribery with yogurt melts. Constant encouragement from his family.

But once he started moving, he never stopped. The kid who had so many limits placed upon him turned out to be more active than his "typical" siblings!  He has the scars to prove it.  Three of them, to be exact!

I remember feeling discouraged at times, especially when Liam's typical peers started hitting milestones before him.  But soon I learned to embrace the fact that he would do things in his own time frame.  As his friends ran circles around him, and their moms chased after them, I sat back and enjoyed my still, content little boy.  And now?  I'm the mom constantly running after her child!

Every child can be a Little Mover in their own way.  The advice I give to any new parent is this: Give your child time and stop worrying about achieving those milestones! Instead, focus on what they CAN do!

Liam is always on the go, and I depend on Huggies Little Movers diapers to keep up with him!  

I choose Huggies Little Movers because the SnugFit Waistband and Double Grip Strips keep the diaper in place during his daily adventures.


I choose Huggies Little Movers for the contoured shape that provides a comfortable fit, the unique DryTouch® liner that absorbs on contact, and the LeakLock® Protection which keeps Liam dry for up to 12 hours. I also choose Huggies Little Movers because I can get them at Sam's Club!


Our family of 6 saves so much money by shopping at Sam's Club!  We are able to stock up on all the necessities like laundry detergent, yogurt, snacks, wipes, and diapers.  Sam's Club sells Huggies Little Movers in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6, and they are always in stock.


A Sam's Club membership is inexpensive, and offers so many benefits!  Did you know you can actually order items online, then pick them up at your local Sam's Club as early as the next day?  You can use their mobile app (available at most locations) to let them know you're on your way, and pick up your items at select curb-side locations (or at the kiosk inside)!  Even better?  It's FREE!  That's an amazing time-saver for a busy mom!

I love buying Huggies Little Movers diapers in bulk.  It saves me money, and I don't have to constantly run to the store for diapers! That gives me more time to chase after #MyHuggiesBaby!

Huggies Little Movers

Thank you, Huggies, for sponsoring today's post! Huggies was there for Liam's first steps and Huggies is now here for his crazy antics!

Kids of ALL Abilities are Little Movers #MyHuggiesBaby

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  1. Aw, what adorable pictures you have! This was beautifully written, you truly are blessed!

  2. What a beautiful son you have! I'm glad that he is moving along at his own pace and bringing joy to your life!

  3. Too cute! We've always had doctors telling us what we should expect from the twins...even before they were born. They continue to prove them wrong. Our boys are fighters and no one can stop them. Now, even when we want to ;)

  4. The best kind of tornadoes! :) I love what you said, "Give your child time and stop worrying about achieving those milestones! Instead, focus on what they CAN do!" I can't tell you how many times I tell myself this!

  5. That last photo just cracks me up. What a cutie pie!


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