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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gifts of Lasting Change

It's that time of year!  Children are writing their wish lists and everyone is shopping for THE perfect gift. 

Truthfully, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping.  Every time I sit down to write out a list of gifts to buy my loved ones, I draw a blank.  We just have so much, and there are people in this world whose basic needs aren't even being met.

Even though my heart isn't completely into shopping this year, there will still be gifts under the tree and gifts given to family members. But I'm also going to do something different. In addition to those gifts, I'm going to give a Gift of Lasting Change from CARE.org. You can, too!

How the charitable gift catalog works: Step 1 

CARE will use your donation to help fight poverty around the world
{from CARE.org}

CARE is a non-profit organization that fights poverty throughout the world. CARE was founded shortly after World War II to send relief to starving and/or homeless Europeans. When you give #GiftsofLastingChange, you truly do change lives!

This holiday season, honor your loved ones by giving them a gift that changes lives! It is such an easy process.

  • Visit CARE.org and choose your gift from their extensive catalog. You can shop for a gift in every price range, occasion, or category. (If you don't want to pay the full price, there is an option to pay half or quarter portions! If you don't want to browse, you can simply choose the Quick Gift option.)
  • When you add an item to the CARE package, you have the option to let the gift recipient know you purchased a Gift of Lasting Change in their honor by sending an ecard or printing out a card that you can personalize and give to them. If you don't want to do that, just select none!

That's it! It's a simple holiday shopping option that can be done from home.  Even better?  It changes lives!

When I sat down to browse through the catalog, I started to cry.

My children had medical emergencies in the past.  I can't even imagine how a mother would feel if there was nobody there to help.  Emergency Health Care is just $36.  That gift could SAVE a life.

{from CARE.org}

My family knows the comfort and safety of being in a home.  There are places where a simple mosquito bite could kill you. 5 Insecticide Treated Nets are $30.

© 2010 Allen Clinton/CARE 
{from CARE.org}

When I'm thirsty, I simply walk into the kitchen and get it from the fridge. Many people don't have that luxury. A 3 month supply of emergency drinking water is just $30.

© 2011 Kate Holt/CARE 
{from CARE.org}

My pantry is overflowing.  I've never known what it's like to be hungry.  One month of meals for a person during an emergency is $27.90.

© 2013 Jake Lyell/CARE 
{from CARE.org}

A free education and school supplies are a given for my children.  A Backpack and School Starter Kit is $26.10.

© 2010 Evelyn Hockstein/CARE 
{from CARE.org}

When my fridge is empty, I simply go to the store and buy everything I need.  Many people in this world rely on what they grow. Seeds for 1/2 Acre of Farmland is $29.00.

© 2012 Brendan Bannon/CARE 
{from CARE.org}

Do you want to know what gift I'm going to choose?

This year, I'm giving a gift in honor of my family.  It will replace one gift for each of my children.

My children are happy, healthy, and strong.  We have great doctors overseeing their care.  That is a luxury. $45 will provide healthcare for 2 children. THAT is the gift I am giving this holiday season.

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew this was the one.  That sweet little face and the look on the mother's face touched my heart.

© 2009 Evelyn Hockstein/CARE | Healthcare for 2 Children 
{from CARE.org}

I am so thankful for all the blessings I was given and I'm so thankful that I am ABLE to help. I consider it my duty as a human being to give to my fellow human beings who need help. If I can help improve just one person's life, then I've given the most incredible gift. Just take a look at CARE.org and see what such a simple gift could do!

While you're out and about in the holiday shopping chaos, I encourage you to stop and think.  What gift could you give that would make a difference? What better way to celebrate the season of giving than by giving Gifts of Lasting Change?

Thank you, CARE.org for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to give #GiftsofLastingChange!

If you are inspired to give a Gift of Lasting Change, you can do so HERE. What Gift of Lasting Change would you give?


  1. What a wonderful idea. We're contributing to Toys for Tots this year, but I think we'll do this one too. I'll have Lewie pick the gift as I'm still trying to teach him about others in this world that are struggling. Unfortunately, it's hard for him to comprehend at his age--he thinks everyone is as fortunate as him. Thank you for sharing. You and your family have such good hearts!

  2. Such a sweet gift to give and be able to give back this season!

  3. Great suggestion on gift giving this year. It makes me sad that there are people in the world that don't have the means to eat a meal everyday.

  4. This is an awesome initiative! I think it's great to include children in this. They understand more than we think and want to help!

  5. Oh these photos are always so heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing and organization for us to look into. It's so important to give back this time of the year.


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