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Friday, December 11, 2015


Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but I am so relieved that it's the weekend!

I decided a short update post was a good idea for today.  After nearly 3 weeks of being sick and weeks of constant activities and events, I am physically and mentally drained! Oh, and can you believe Christmas is TWO weeks away?!?

Here's a glimpse of life currently: 

WATCHING: Grant and I are making our way through Boardwalk Empire (we're on season 3...so good!) and I'm watching Switched at Birth (my guilty pleasure) on Netflix.  As for shows that are currently airing, we're watching Fargo and Homeland.

LISTENING: Christmas music 24/7!

WEARING:  It was sweaters, boot socks, and boots every day, but then the weather in Pittsburgh decided to return to Spring.  I'm not complaining!  I hate the cold, so 50 degree weather in December is VERY welcome!

EATING: Eh, I haven't had much of an appetite lately.  I still meal plan every week, though.  My sweet friend delivered some delicious cheesecake bites this week, and they're almost gone! I definitely prefer the sweets.

CREATING: Shopping lists for Christmas, blog posts, Christmas cards, and a photo display for Lily's preschool.

SHOPPING: Uh, Christmas presents! I only have a few gifts, a few stocking stuffers, 1 Christmas outfit, and the Christmas Eve pajamas and book bought. I am so behind this year, and I still have no idea what I'm going to buy!

WORRYING: I'm stressing over a situation that occurred at Lily's preschool.  I wrote a blog post about it, but I was feeling really emotional, so I'm going to hold off on publishing it for a while!

PLANNING: All things Christmas!

GRANT: Grant works overtime almost every day (it's a busy time of year in the mortgage industry) and he has an hour and a half round-trip commute. I only see him for a few hours each day.

DYLAN: Dylan started basketball last week!  He really enjoys it so far.  He started playing the trumpet this year, and has his first band  concert next week!

LEXIE:  Lexie continues to excel in school.  She loves her teacher this year, and wants to go every single day, even if she isn't feeling well! It's so easy when school is fun. All Lexie talks about is starting cheerleading.  She's not happy that it's many months away!

LILY:  Despite the situation I mentioned, Lily loves preschool!  She's also excited that her weekly Storytime starts up again at the beginning of January.

LIAM: Liam is a BUSY kid. He definitely keeps me on my toes!  He's currently experiencing a language explosion. I feared he would be nonverbal when he was born, but he is very vocal!

BLOGGING:  Coming up on the blog over the next 7 days are lots of Christmas posts, including Christmas Traditions and an Ultimate Christmas Movie list, and 2 giveaways! 

WHAT'S GOING ON OVER THE NEXT WEEK:  We're going to our town's Christmas parade/light up night tomorrow,  then going to a Christmas party.  On Sunday, we're visiting Grant's grandma for her 91st birthday!  Dylan's band/chorus concert is on Wednesday, and his DARE graduation is on Friday. We also need to fit in quite a few Christmas activities.

I hope you all have a fun and festive December weekend! 

Current view...for just a few minutes! ❤ I coughed all night, woke up at 5 AM, and we had another busy morning. I'm enjoying a few minutes of peace before getting back to my to do list! {Chalkboard mug from the #targetdollarspot...couldn't resist!}

What are your plans over the weekend?



  1. Cheesecake bites??? Send some my way!

  2. Even with the weekend we had (we were running around like crazy people) I still loved it! I guess it's just this time of year. Oh and I'll take a cheesecake bite too! LOL.

  3. I'm sorry about the preschool thing! I went through something w/ the twins' preschool when they were 4. They had been there for two years at that point. I ended up having to switch schools, and it was a VERY hard decision. I actually sought out the opinion of two other teachers I knew and respected, explained the situation, and heard them out. They helped me to make the decision to move them. And it was all fine in the end! The good thing about preschool is....you move on :-) I hope whatever it was is resolved and better.

  4. Wasn't that warm weather amazing. Hope you had a great Monday.


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