Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is my way of remembering all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!



*Dylan matured so much over the past year!  I don't really have funny tidbits to share about him anymore, but I will say that he helps out so much around here!  He is an amazing big brother and actually offers to change Liam's (poopy!) diapers and get him dressed.  He loves to hold Liam and frequently puts him to sleep.  I love watching the bond develop between them!




*Lexie, too, matured and looks so much older! I swear, she's 7 going on 16, especially with her sparkly lip balm!

*Lexie and Lily were playing grocery store. Lexie was running the cash register, and Lily was whining.  Lexie said into the microphone, ""Cleanup Aisle 6, Cleanup Aisle 6. Cleanup Lily's Attitude. Cleanup Lily's attitude.

*Lexie loves to sing for us. She was singing "Knick Knack Paddy Whack."  She got to seven, and sang, "He played Knick Knack up to Heaven!" then started fake crying as she sang.

*She can be very dramatic.  On one of her last days of school, she climbed off the bus, burst into tears, and told me, "I feel so hopeless!!!"

*She occasionally acts like a diva. I blame the tween shows that she watches.  The other night, she came out to tell me good night. She said, "G-O-O-D-N-I-G-H-T. DOT."

*She is still the best big sister.  She adores Liam and informed me, "Mommy, Liam is so cute. I'm going to marry him someday." When I told her that she couldn't do that, she sighed, and said, "Okay, I'll be his mom when you can't."




*Oh, my Lily.  She is ridiculously cute and funny, and she has quite a personality.

*Lily told us after being scolded, "I not bad. I'm good and nice and soft."

*She asked me, "Wanna play with me?  It's really fun!"

*She recently met her Uncle Benno, who is a magician,  for the first time. She later told us, "Uncle Benno is cool, nice and soft.  He does funny things!"

*When she eats corn she says she is eating "my corns."

*I asked Lily where her pants were.  She said, "They have wets."

*She takes at least 2 bags full of stuff everywhere she goes.  Recently, I checked the contents of one purse.  It had Little People Princesses, a lid, a sippy cup, jelly beans, her Leappad, a high heel, and 2 movies in it.  Completely random!

*She likes to put in her "contex" every morning.  She dips her finger into the solution and touches her eyelid.

*Recently, in the middle of the night, we heard her sobbing.  Grant ran out to see what was wrong and she cried, "I hit my melon! On the toilet!!!"

*Someone told Lily that she was getting so big. She replied, "Yeah, I'm turning into mommy."

*Last night, we had ricktoni for dinner. That would be rigatoni.

*She was showing us some toys and told us, "This one is my favorite!  Pink are my favorite, too!"

*She was begging Grant for a bite of ice cream last night.  He gave her a taste, and she inched closer and said in a singsong voice, "Mmmmmm. That really dood." I laughed, and she glared at me and said, "It's not funny."



 *Liam is the happiest baby. He can make anybody smile!

*The kids taught Liam how to growl, and he does it all the time.

*He loves to stand on your lap, grab your face between his hands and smile at you with all his might. 

*His joy is contagious!



  1. Okay - the first two posts about Dylan & Lexie made my mommy heart skip a beat!! And Lily is too funny for words! We need to see a video of this famous growl of Liam's - I bet it's adorable!! Beautiful family!

  2. Your children are adorable always! I love the "Clean up Lily's attitude" grocery store story. Very cute! You are a very blessed mama.
    Have a great day!
    Mama Hen

  3. Love their cute little sayings, especially toddlers!

  4. I loved these! I love how Lily is "Turning into Mommy" how sweet!!!

  5. I just love this post! How cute!!!

  6. Kids say the funniest things. Lexie sounds very creative with her, "Cleanup Lily's attitude in Aisle 6." Lily, of course, is just so cute..."Yeah, I'm turning into Mommy." It sounds like your kids are so helpful and so respectful to each other. What a wonderful family...oh and that Liam can make anyone's heart melt!


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