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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This and That

Happy Tuesday!  We sure are busy around here!

*It's the last week of the school year!  The last day is Thursday.  Dylan and Lexie are so excited!  I have to admit, I'm excited, too.  We have literally been on the go since Liam was born.  He was born and Dylan and Lexie went back to school shortly after.  There was no down time to enjoy our new baby.  I'm really looking forward to a more laid back schedule over the summer!


*Look at this big boy! He made huge progress in OT today and was able to maintain an unsupported sitting position while playing. He has very strong arms and unusually strong legs, but his muscles are overextended in his lower back.  He has been working so hard on trunk control!


*Grant started working for a new mortgage company last week. Lily misses her daddy!


*Liam had a photoshoot for a Down Syndrome Awareness calendar last week.  Little dude was so smiley that the shoot was over in 5 minutes!  His smile melts my heart!


*Lexie and I had a mother/daughter date on Saturday.  She picked out some shirts at TJ Maxx, we each got an Icee at Target, then we went to Petsmart.  The guppies she brought home from school died right away, so we replaced them with a Betta.  She picked a blue one and named him Blueberry. It was so nice to spend time with just her!


*I ordered these adorable dresses from The HairBow Company for the 4th of July.  They were on sale and so cute.  I love the polka dots with the chevron!  They have the cutest things and did not disappoint with these dresses!


*Grant always jokes that he would love to invent a sound proof cube. Well, his family's car dealership has just that.  While waiting for my SUV to get inspected yesterday, Lily had a great time playing in the little playroom attached to the waiting room.  I could see her, but it was quiet!!!  Can I sign up to have one at our house?!?


*Sometimes, I look at pictures like this one and can't believe they're all mine.  I say it all the time...if money and house size were not an issue, I would happily have another child and adopt a child with Down Syndrome. I love this big family of ours!!!



  1. yay for school being over!!! So exciting about Liam!! he is a little rock star! Those dresses are so cute, I may need to get Breanna one....I love that shop!

    1. Thank you, Cari!!! Did you get one of the dresses for Bre? They are so cute!

  2. Love posts like this - shows all the love in your family through all the nice things going on! Be sure to share the calendar pics when they are published!

  3. I'm sort of tempted to buy my girls those dresses too! They are a great price!


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