Our Five Ring Circus: Celebrating Dads

Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrating Dads

Last Sunday, the kids had a great time celebrating their daddy.


Grant has always been a great dad, but I was the one who got to watch him grow into the dad he is today.

I grew up in a huge family and became an aunt at the age of 5.  Grant grew up with just one brother, close in age, and didn't have any experience with babies. 

When I told him I wanted four kids, he laughed and told me he was thinking one. We weren't planning on anything until we were 30, but life has a way of going in unexpected directions.  When we found out Dylan was on the way, we panicked, because it was so much sooner than we planned and we needed a bigger house. 

The night we found out, we were stunned. Within a few hours, Grant assured me that everything would work out.  It did.  At age 24 and 25, we became parents and homeowners.

I watched Grant's confidence build with each child.  By the time we had Lily, he was a pro.  He and Lily were best buddies.

Then came Liam, our sweet surprise baby who had an even bigger surprise for us.  Within minutes of hearing his suspected birth diagnosis, Grant smiled and said, "It's okay.  Everything will be okay. We got this."

Even though he was dealing with the same punch to the gut feeling, he knew everything would be okay.  He was 100% right.  I married a smart, supportive man.

Grant was a great dad prior to Liam's birth, but Liam's birth really made him grow as a father.  I am so proud of him and the kids are so lucky to have him for a dad.


Dylan and Lexie couldn't wait to present him with the gifts they made at school.  Dylan made him a plaque and Lexie made him a pencil jar.  All the kids made him a special card.  All 3 gifts are proudly displayed on his desk at work.  We also cooked him a special breakfast and gave him candy and new work shirts.  He had a wonderful day!


Although I didn't get to see him on Father's Day (we spent time with him the day before), I have to mention my amazing dad. He is the reason I'm so calm and positive about everything in life. He took me to so many fun places when I was a child, and I have so many wonderful memories of the time I spent with him.  Now, he's an amazing grandfather to my children. We are so thankful we get to spend time with him once or twice a week!


Of course, the day didn't pass without us thinking about Grant's dad. I'm certain he would be so proud of Grant right now.  We miss him so much!


It was a great Father's Day spent with the most important man in our lives!



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