Our Five Ring Circus: School's Out For The Summer

Thursday, June 5, 2014

School's Out For The Summer

It always amazes me how quickly kids change in nine short months.  It isn't really evident until you compare the first day of school pictures to the last day of school pictures!

A little over nine months ago, Dylan started third grade and Lexie started first grade.  They were nervous, excited, and oh so young.


Today was their last day of the school year.  Today, they looked so much older than they did on that  sunny morning nine months ago.


They both greeted the day with big smiles.  Even while they were trying to wake up, I could see the excitement in their eyes.


We headed down to the bus stop a few minutes early to take some pictures before the bus arrived.


They hopped on the bus, eager to give out thank you cards and gift cards to their awesome bus driver and awesome teachers. They were looking forward to a day full of performances (Lexie) and movies (Dylan).

I was waiting with my camera when the bus pulled up after school. The kids on the bus were so excited. Dylan climbed down the steps, and kids shouted out goodbyes behind him.  He had a huge smile on his face.  Lexie followed behind, with a pout on her face.  She immediately burst into tears and ran into the house.  It turns out she broke a flower off her shoe, and really really really missed her teacher and her friends.  She must be one of the few kids who is sad to see school end!  She finally cheered up and started to get excited about the summer ahead of her.

Dylan and Lexie learned so much this year.  They matured and became more confident. They worked hard and earned great grades.  Dylan is now reading at a 5th grade level and Lexie is very close to a 3rd grade level. I credit Lexie's teacher for that.  Dylan had her, as well, and she really pushed reading.  I will always have a special place in my heart for her.  She took good care of my sweet kids and pushed them to succeed!

Dylan and Lexie had a great year in school, and I am so proud of how far they have come!


It's hard to believe that they will be going to 2nd and 4th grade in 3 short months!


We celebrated the end of a successful school year with a trip to Dairy Queen for dinner!  Kids choice!


It was hard to say goodbye to their friends and their wonderful teachers, but they are looking forward to a fun summer break!



  1. I love the way that you have captured this day! You take such beautiful pictures of your kids!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure they are going to fight with me about doing this one day soon!

  2. I took pictures of my students at the beginning and end of the year and the change is amazing. As I teacher I was crying on the last day of school, I just wasn't ready to let this class go, so I understand Lexie's feelings.

  3. Great pics! Happy it is summer :) and we can have fun on Thursdays!

  4. Sounds like they had a great year! Dairy Queen is an excellent way to end school and start summer. :) Your sister (?) visited my blog and suggested I stop by here - I have 3 kids: Evan - 9, Corrie - 6, and Ben - 2 (with Down syndrome). You have a lovely family!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm not sure who suggested, but thanks for visiting!

  5. Yay for summer! I love the idea of taking pictures on the first and last day. I'm such a nerd, I totally forgot to take pictures of Tyler on the first day, both this year and last. Oh well, such is life! Enjoy your summer with all of your babies!

  6. Ooh maaan, your Big kids are BIG!


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